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HP Coupon Codes: Today's computer must be rooted in versatility
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HP Coupon Codes: Today's computer must be rooted in versatility

From desktops to laptops and tossing in tablets for good measure, today's consumers is faced with quite the buying conundrum as it relates to what to buy in the world of technology, more specifically buying a computer.

Consumers tend to focus on laptops that are thin and flexible, the kind that can fold over like a book and double as a tablet. They stress battery life and portability as features they can't live without. The desktop market is all about finding one that doesn't take up a lot of desk space or can be equal parts compact, yet sport a monitor that is hardly mediocre. In an age when 4K ultra high definition TVs are becoming all the rage, why can't you have that same sharp picture on your at home desktop computer.

Simply put, the consumer when it comes to computer buying wants versatility. They say you can't have it all, but one company disagrees wholeheartedly with that assessment.

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Say hello to HP.

When it comes to laptops, you'd be hard pressed to find such a selection, but the Spectre model is hard not to stop and stare at when you see just how paper thin it is The Spectre is about as sleek as you get from a laptop at barely over 10 mm thin and coupled with an i5 processor, a speedy, smart step in a sensational direction. The Spectre name also has a 360 degree counterpart that has that laptop hybrid feel to it since you can guess from the name that you can fold it over and use it as a tablet.

HP also scores with its line of desktop computers, and much the same way you can't take your eyes off the Spectre line of laptops, the desktop choices are abundant and amazing. Ironically, the HP Envy desktop has that curved screen that simply is a must have. The screen is breathtaking but the real selling point is that it is an all in one model with no cumbersome tower but simply a monitor, mouse and keyboard ready to unpack and put to work.

What's nice is that you can purchase these directly from the HP web site, in conjunction with HP online coupon codes that take the already reasonable pricing and add to it within additional savings to have the PC you want at the right price.

At a glance, when you look at HP and its selection, you can see this company is the epitome of not only versatility but they're just having fun creating a series of computers that adhere to what customers want: everything.

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