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Petco: Where the Pets and you need to go
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Petco: Where the Pets and you need to go

With more than a thousand locations and a lineage that goes back 50 plus years, Petco puts forth the kind of customer service, products and sales acumen and knowledge that you look for when you're trying to find anything and everything pet related.

Plenty of retailers, pet stores specifically, all boast all of those aforementioned attributes as they relate to how to treat customers. But, Petco relishes not only being the one-stop shopping spot for pet owners but also going above and beyond as it relates to man's best friend or any pet desperately in need of a home.

Petco stands firmly behind a slogan that isn't just words or phrases but instead a mantra that makes everyone warm and cozy when you think about the end result. "Think Adoption First," which encourages families and individual alike to adopt pets who are seeking homes. So many dogs and cats are desperately in need of good homes, and that fact isn't lost on Petco, a company rooted in wanting to do more for all animals than just sell products or services.

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As for those products and services, Petco not only offers grooming services and one on one care in that regard for dogs and cats, but competitive prices for those pet owners who desperately want to save money but yet not skimp on coddling, cuddling and take the best care possible of their pets.
The pricing at Petco is rooted in not only low prices to start but also a Pals Reward Card, a program that is similar to a gas perks or loyalty program for customers. Pals allows you to earn 5 percent back for every $100 you spend, not exactly hard to do when you think about pet costs, food and other items to consider.

For those customers who know exactly what products that they want or need without actually going into the store, one can save with free shipping on orders over 50 dollars, again not asking customers to spend an astronomical amount of money even though Petco prices are delightfully low.

You also can find online Petco Promotion Codes to save even more on your order from the store, allowing you to enjoy everything Petco offers from the comfort of your own home.

Petco isn't the only pet store around, but it's a premiere organization both inside the store and out. Not only do the work extensively to help with adoption of pets and the use of companion animals, but also make sure pet owners who shop there, either in store or online, are given the kind of service and support that the pets themselves get on a regular basis.

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