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Verizon FIOS: Bundled services and customer appeal puts cable on notice
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Verizon FIOS: Bundled services and customer appeal puts cable on notice

Verizon FIOS doesn't pretend to be cable. They strive to be better than their cable counterparts, and exceed at that very task.

For those who have Verizon FIOS, you'll have to listen really closely for any quips about what is wrong with the service. And by "listen closely," you're talking about no ill feelings toward Verizon FIOS whatsoever due to its reliability, customer satisfaction and the ability to bundle services (cable, internet and phone) and ultimately a price point that is nothing short of spectacular.

How exactly does Verizon FIOS do it in the face of stiff competition?

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For starters, they're very quick to point out just how customer friendly the company is, starting with the latest round of FIOS commercials that show how a customer service rep can remote in through your phone and see exactly what the issue is, a breath of fresh air quite frankly when you consider the cable and satellite alternatives and just how much their customer service is highly questionable, if not out and out bad. The headlines and proverbial war stories about the length of time a customer has to wait or just how poorly received the quality is of the product only serve as a reminder that Verizon FIOS has more than just a few ducks in a row as far as reliability and quality goes.

What sets Verizon FIOS apart from its competitors even more so than customer support and service is the 100 percent fiber optic network that provides crystal clear television pictures and internet service that is fast with downloading speeds that put the rest of the cable and television world on notice.

Verizon FIOS continually is recognized for its service and quality by the industry as reported by what customers are saying about their experience. Consumers go as far as to demand or wish that Verizon FIOS would be available to them in their areas, those same locations that are left to sift through what's left.

The pricing is hard not to notice, either as their bundled packages are so incredibly affordable that you honestly have a hard time believing that the price can coincide with such an amazing line of products. Think of it as almost the "too good to be true."

As reasonable as the pricing is, you can find even more deals online with Verizon FIOS coupon codes for that much more off your product line.

Verizon FIOS is careful to remind customer and rightfully so that Verizon FIOS isn't cable. They do that so customers realize that all parties and entities in the cable, television and internet spectrum aren't equal. That's good to know for those shopping around so they can quickly realize that they should stop shopping and start with Verizon FIOS.

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