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Eddie Bauer: If the outdoors could wear clothing, Eddie Bauer would be it
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Eddie Bauer: If the outdoors could wear clothing, Eddie Bauer would be it

That love and feel of the wind hitting your face, the blood that rushes through your body as you're hiking or climbing or just embracing each and every season with open arms are just a few ways those who love the outdoors describe that cathartic moment they step outside of their home and into their comfort zone.

That outdoor experience also needs to be flanked by a multitude of clothing that prepares you for what Mother Nature might have in store, whether it's the colder weather on the horizon or anything that is deeply rooted in comfort and style mixed perfectly together.

No retailer truly epitomizes that look and feel of the outdoors more so than Eddie Bauer, a name that is both a retail juggernaut of a brand and the namesake of the founder of the company as well.

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The late Eddie Bauer took his love of the outdoors and turned it into a name that is synonymous with clothing that means quality, crafted expertly and melded nicely with a design that caters to the outdoorsmen in all of us. Featuring a line of clothing, accessories and footwear for men and women, Eddie Bauer is more than just retail at its finest.

Eddie Bauer means customer service and making sure their consumers are happy with their purchase, content with what they now own and the name lives up to its storied reputation.

Walk into any Eddie Bauer store or visit them online, and you'll quickly see why customers flock to buy what can only be described as premium anything and everything. The Eddie Bauer look is inspired by the outdoors certainly (you can shop for clothing based on what activity you'd be most interested in) but also has such appeal to it that you'd be hard pressed not to find something for everyone.

For even more savings, customers can find a slew of money saving online by using Eddie Bauer promotion codes that offer free shipping, discounts on an entire order and other savings that bring the lure of love of Eddie Bauer and its brand straight to your door.

The men's section, for example, is quite the impressive haven for outerwear, jackets specifically, and you absolutely will fall in love with the women's array of options as well. From fleece to capris, women will have plenty of options to build a pristine wardrobe.

Of course, Eddie Bauer also has an array of backpacks and other gear, such as sleeping bags and tents, again a reflection of just who serious the brand is in relationship to the outdoors.
But Eddie Bauer doesn't just cater to those who love the outdoors, although you'll be incredibly happy when you are wearing one of their jackets or fleece tops when you're in the midst of a snowy Saturday afternoon.

Eddie Bauer is about luxury that is casual, stylish and appropriate for any individual who wants their clothing to reflect not only a love of the outdoors but an exquisite acumen for excellence in how their products are made.

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