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H&R Block: Tax time never felt so comfortable
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H&R Block: Tax time never felt so comfortable

H&R Block knows that doing your taxes isn't always the most enjoyable of endeavors.

That's why they have such a great sense of humor when it comes to mixing in comedic timing and unparalleled expertise and a conscious effort to put customers at ease with their products and services.

That sense of humor is seen as part of their most recent marketing endeavor in the midst of tax season, with television commercials featuring "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm and his take on doing your taxes the right way, uttering the slogan at the end of each ad: "Get your Taxes Won."

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Beyond the cleverness of the commercials and the slogan is a company rooted in intelligence and credibility and one that leaves consumers feeling confident and secure that they'll get a fantastic customer experience with H&R Block products but also peace of mind that they'll be able to do their own taxes and have a step by step process and support in place so they don't have to worry about mistakes, audits and anything else that potentially could go awry at tax time.

Not only does H&R Block offer free returns for the 1040EZ form return, but they also allow for advances on your tax return, a nice offering considering that the general public has been told that tax returns are being delayed.

H&R Block also offers the option of doing taxes in a local office if that appeals to you, but online seems to be the way most go, and H&R Block gives you plenty of options in that forum as well.

And as superb and sensational as all that is, H&R Block gives customers that hearty and healthy sense that, if you're preparing and filing taxes on your own, you'll have their wealth of knowledge at your fingertips if you have questions or aren't quite sure how to get started or anything else that may come up along the way.

H&R Block.com also offers tax tips, calculators and forms to give you a leg up even if you're just in the preparation mode for filling at the moment and leading up until April 15.

For even more savings, you can use H&R Block coupon codes for discounts on products and services on current pricing.

H&R Block is savvy, smart and knows how to market with a movie star spokesperson and a fresh take on how you should view your taxes.

But beyond the Hollywood style commercials and wit that underscores each advertising spot, H&R Block remains steadfast in its approach of trying to give you unmatched tax advice, service and products in order to make sure April 15 comes and goes without a hitch and ultimately leads to more money in your pocket as a result.

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