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Timberland: How one company redefined comfortable
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Timberland: How one company redefined comfortable

Few, if any, are unfamiliar with the Timberland brand.

You can surely chalk that up to name recognition, but the Timberland lore goes far beyond the name alone.

Ask anyone from a construction worker to the average Joe or Jane about Timberland, and their eyes will light up and immediately engage in conversation about the very shoes they have on right now or just how their footwear has managed to change their lives from one day to the next with comfort and durability they so richly appreciate.

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Retailers who rely solely on the name grow stagnant, and fail to stay connected with their intended audience, and for most that is the general public. Timberland doesn't have that problem whatsoever, as they continue to amaze, delight and keep customer loyal with every purchase and long lasting piece of footwear they own.

But Timberland is so much more than just boots for men and women, although that certainly would be their calling card if you had to pick one element or aspect of what they do.

Of course, if you immediately think "boots," that certainly is perfectly fine with Timberland. Chances are, they love that they've been christened as the standard bearer in the boots business.

Timberland also has an array of clothing for men and women, anything from outerwear to T shirts, pants and accessories as well. Timberland also has a huge selection for kids and a section aptly titled Timberland Pro, for that every day, hard working individual that demands clothing and boots work just as hard as they do, with a focus on practicality and durability as the two drivers for this particular line of clothing.

Perhaps the most telling sign of just how much Timberland believes in the finest boots and products known to customers is its section that allows you to customize your order and also watch their process of how they make a boot from start to finish. It's engaging, appreciated and customers undoubtedly feel as though what they buy is going to be rooted in ingenuity, craftsmanship and quality.

For even more savings, you can find online Timberland promotional codes that allow customers to save on their entire order or get other perks, such as free shipping.

If you need boots, the kind that are going to last for longer than a cup of coffee or a calendar year, Timberland is the name you'd rely on most. That name also means something when it comes to clothing, work wear and anything else that you want as part of your attire.

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