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Columbia: Outerwear done flawlessly for entire family
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Columbia: Outerwear done flawlessly for entire family

Mention the name "Columbia" in reference to clothing to, well, just about anyone, and they'll immediately have a look of satisfaction on their respective faces.

Of course, they'll know the Columbia brand, and all it has done and continues to do as the face of outwear for the entire family, but just as important is the absolute quality and durability, fashion and flare that this retailers embodies from top to bottom, through their commitment to customer satisfaction and ultimately care for the consumer.

Also known as Columbia Sportswear Company, this company is all about its outwear. From top to bottom, you'd be hard pressed to find a retailer who is adept at not only creating outwear that is stylish but also so practical in how it is created and then sold to the masses.

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While any brand or retailer can say they believe in their products, Columbia is the heart and soul of the outdoors, with not only apparel for men, women and kids, but a true passion for outdoor living and making sure every top, bottom or shoe is showcases as more than just any, old product but also a means to enjoy everything the outdoor lifestyle offers.

From a practical standpoint, Columbia makes products that last, and anyone who owns or has purchased a Columbia product (and pretty much everyone has) undoubtedly still has that same shirt or pair of shoes, ski gear or anything else from the brand still in their closet and worn to this day, no matter how many years have passed.

The online store is a virtual cornucopia of all things outdoors, from the fleece products aimed at keeping you warm on a nice hike or jackets that are developed and tested to withstand rain, sweat and made specifically for the athlete or every day person in mind.

A nice feature on the web site allows you to stop for the perfect ensemble by searching for clothing and outwear based on the activity at hand. For even more savings, check out Columbia promo codes online for discounts and free shipping, among other ways to save.

Columbia isn't just a name brand, however. Sure, when you're the leader in outdoor apparel, resting on your laurels and what you've done previously would be an easy path of travel. But Columbia, much like the clothes and products it creates and customers it empowers, wants that path to be challenging and constantly changing, through rough terrain or choppy waters, only to emerge on the other side a better, smarter and victorious retailer that ultimately keeps customers content.

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