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Under Armour: Where fitness, performance and style are winning formula
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Under Armour: Where fitness, performance and style are winning formula

Some brands are built on name value alone. Some have a solid foundation but fail to capture the attention of the masses. Some have all the brand awareness in the world, but trust and product assurance are often lost as growth is attained.

And then, you have Under Armour, which excels on all levels and leaves nothing left on the field of play that is open for debate as far as all the attributes and characteristics you'd want out of a company.

Under Armour is arguably the most recognized name in athletics as far as apparel, performance gear, shoes, hats and equipment is concerned. The brand is both underscored with notoriety but also delivers products that are fit for the active, stay at home mom to the dad hitting the gym or golf course as much as as a professional athlete who needs all 60 minutes of gloves, spikes or a jersey to be successful.

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The widespread appeal of Under Armour can't be overlooked, although the company hasn't experienced any sort of drop off in customer satisfaction and service in its inception in 1996. The company has grown into a billion dollar entity but that reliance on revenue dollars hasn't created a disconnect for customers who still gravitate toward the Under Armour brand and what it means for them.

Sure, Under Armour has slick marketing campaigns infused with intensity and desire, but at the end for the day if the T shirts, performance wear, shoes and accessories don't deliver as advertised, then the company wouldn't flourish.

But the products do, and the consumer couldn't be happier.

Under Armour is lauded and loved by men, women, kids and athletes alike for one simple reason: the products look, feel and wear like championship material. From the simple sweat shirt and hoodie to the Cold Gear and Heat Gear that keeps you chill and cozy, respectively, Under Armour not only has its finger on the collective pulse of the athlete but the general public that simply wants better athletic and every day clothing for their closets.

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Yes, sports icons like Tom Brady and iconic superstars like Dwayne Johnson, promote Under Armour, but even the weekend warrior who hits the gym and wants to do it in style and comfort can attest to just how amazing everything the brand says and sells isn't just smoke and mirrors or celebrity involvement.

Under Armour is built around a philosophy that runs deeper than being glitz, glamour and just a name. The moment a garment or shoe is put on, you immediately immerse yourself and can feel exactly what Under Amour stands for: style that doesn't compromise quality.

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