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Verizon Wireless: Connecting customers through wireless supremacy and unparalleled service
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Verizon Wireless: Connecting customers through wireless supremacy and unparalleled service

Verizon Wireless caught our attention with the "Can You Hear Me Now?" marketing campaign.
And, boy, were we listening.

Verizon is the premiere wireless carrier in the world, and that hasn't fallen on deaf ears despite plenty of attempts to sway that conversation and ranking by others in a marketplace that is all about customers jumping ship from one company to another.

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The wireless forum has changed drastically in the last decade, and the competition is at a fever pitch between the major carriers.

Despite the best attempts from competition that is hotly contested and combative at times, Verizon Wireless has staved off those would be wireless carriers trying to dethrone it from its perch as the most regarded and renowned provider in the world.

Consistently boasting call reliability, customer satisfaction and price at the top of all awards handed down to providers, Verizon is the clear cut leader in the wireless game.

Sure Verizon outdoes its competition, but also is very eclectic in both products, services and plans if offers a wide array of customers. Whether you're interested in a family plan, pay as you go or unlimited data, Verizon has adapted in the last decade (as the competition got stiffer) and changed how it presents its line of services to the general public.

From iPhones to all things Samsung Galaxy, LG and everything in between, Verizon not only has all the smart phones you'll want or need, but the price point is something truly remarkable when you consider that its competitive and on the most trusted and highest rated network in the world.

Customers appreciate the idea that dropping calls is few and far between but also other perks such as setting data limits on your plan (for you or the family), and the Verizon Up incentive, where you can earn points for discounts on concerts, movies and anything else you'd love to enjoy entertainment wise, thanks to Verizon.

In addition to cell phones and reliable coverage, Verizon Wireless also offers jet packs for portability as far as WiFi is concerned, along with home phones that are wireless as well. Also,
For even more discounts with Verizon Wireless, check out online promotional codes that offer anything from free shipping to a percent off your entire order.

Verizon could easily tout its nearly 150 million subscribers, and use that numerical value as a mans to declare wireless victory over others doing the same thing.

But rather than rest on its laurels and statistics, Verizon stays sharp, and only is interested upping its notoriety and lure to the tune of more customer-centric promotions and deals that don't compromise service or the clarity and dependability of calls but instead understanding that in a marketplace where being number one only matters if your customers believe it.

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