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Motel 6: Leaving the light on for quality hotel stays for five decades
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Motel 6: Leaving the light on for quality hotel stays for five decades

For more than 50 years, Motel 6 has been synonymous with an affordable stay. The hotel chain provides incredible value still today, and should be the first choice for anyone in need of a place to spend the night, doing so with comfort-ability and cost in mind, without losing out on quality.

The iconic Motel 6 brand, born in Santa Barbara, California in 1962, when the price of a night's stay was actually just $6, still values staying in a hotel, without the cost that is a deterrent.

Although the rate has increased just a bit since then, Motel 6 still has one of the very lowest per-night costs of any hotel chain, and has also expanded to more than 1,400 locations across North America. Major cities typically include several or even dozens of Motel 6 locations, but even moderately-populated areas in the contiguous United States are frequently within driving distance of a Motel 6.

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In the formative years, Motel 6 offered its affordable rate by using a no-frills design. Since that time, however, the chain has added numerous amenities that puts it on par with more much costly lodging. Expanded cable television and free local phone calls are among the additions over the years at Motel 6, and many of the locations also offer a pool and guest laundry facilities.

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Starting about a decade ago, Motel 6 commenced renovations to update the look of its older locations. Today, nearly all rooms feature modern furnishings, including platform beds with pillow-top mattresses, flat screen televisions, glass shower doors and granite countertops.

A few other features that have become associated with Motel 6 over the decades are still in place. Motel 6 remains pet friendly, and unlike most other hospitality chains, it does not charge a fee. There are some exceptions, but generally, up to two service animals and well-behaved pets are permitted at no cost.

Moreover, children 17 years of age or younger stay free, as long as they are in the same room as an adult family member.

For more than a generation, Motel 6 has also been associated with its incredibly-successful slogan "We'll leave the light on for you." Voiced by Tom Bodett, the Motel 6 commercials helped turn the company into a household name. Those commercials and that slogan have been running regularly in some form for more than 30 years.

The success of Motel 6 has been attributed to much more than just a catchphrase, though. The lodging chain has maintained extremely-affordable rates, while the quality of the service continues to increase.

The slogan is a sense of home.

You belong at Motel 6, plain and simple.

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