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My M&Ms: A sweet, personalized take on gift giving
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My M&Ms: A sweet, personalized take on gift giving

Few brands carry with it the kind of legacy, awareness and admiration as M&M's.

Producing in upward of 400 million chocolate candies on a daily basis and being a staple in sweet tradition since 1941, M&M's are pop culture meets creativity all rolled into a delicious snack enjoyed by generations without fail.

The legacy and love that surrounds M&M's are practical, those savory bite-sized candies that have the kiddies running from the bedrooms and all parts of the house the moment they hear that bag opened and the sound of those hard-shelled pieces of heaven hit the bowl for mass consumption.

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M&M's, as iconic as the name is, also understands how much their logo, characters and name value are equally adored by the masses, and that gave birth to My M&Ms, an online store that allows you to customize just about anything from T-shirts to holiday tins with the M&M logo on it, and so much more beyond that.

Not only can you embroider a T-shirt or that same tin, but My M&Ms online allows you to shop by a particular event, right now being the Christmas and holiday season, whether that's a graduation that is upcoming this summer, a new baby on the way or a special anniversary between two who are in love.
In addition to that, My M&Ms takes an even more unique approach to branding, taking their name and allowing you to customize your business logo or even faces and images on to their candy as part of an unforgettable message to clients, prospective partners or co-workers and bosses alike.

The My M&Ms brand reached its footprint even further and now has partnered NFL teams and other brands of the same ilk as M'M's to provide that much more in the way of variety on products, such as your favorite team logo on a gum ball machine for the office or "man" cave or the candy itself with wedding, baby or birthday messages right on it for making that day or even that much more special.
Imagine a newly married couple serving delicious, recognized M'M's at their reception with rings, wedding bells or hearts blazed on the candy.

Not only is just about any product being partnered with the M&M logo fair game, but the pricing is competitive and affordable, with even more opportunity to save when you pair it with an online coupon code for even more site wide savings of up to 20 percent or more, free shipping or other perks for the consumer to bring the M&M brand to your next party, event, work function or just as part of a truly special gift that everyone is destined to know and love when they receive it.

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