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Home Security Securely In Grasp Of Comcast

The cable powerhouse known as Comcast would hardly be classified as your grandmother's friendly, neighborhood television provider.
Technology coupled with convenience means grandma may get run over by this powerhouse reindeer that is Comcast.
Forget for a second about phone service, internet and television. Those staples certainly have come a long way over the years but we, as customers, have grown to expect that from our local cable company.
Comcast carved a niche for itself thanks to the aforementioned services but really began to spread its wings once it decided to make a leap of faith into protecting homes with a full-fledged, full-blown home security system.
This wasn't exactly a field with little or no competition, with such players as Brinks and Rampart at the forefront. Obviously, the notion of home security isn't a new one nor is it revolutionary by any means.

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Before the days of the internet and advanced home security systems (more on that in a minute), home security consisted of a watch dog or neighborhood watch.
But, again, this isn't your grandma's old neighborhood anymore.
Comcast threw its proverbial hat into the home security ring and delivered a knockout punch to the lesser-equipped and known entities previously mentioned. Naturally, Comcast brings a lot more resources to the table, including a much-heralded and highly touted -- and expensive -- marketing budget that includes commercials that showcase the sleekness and savvy of Comcast's version of home security.
Marketing plays a huge part in the success or failure of any endeavor and Comcast truly doesn't disappoint. Families are shown lounging on the beach or tucked away at the office hard at work but still well within reach of checking exactly what is going on at home.
And when we say "exactly," that's exactly what is meant.
Where other home security entities whiffed big time is where Comcast picked up the slack. Your average, run-of-the-mill home security promotes a watchdog staff monitoring your home but ultimately came to a gun fight with a knife.
Comcast has that same watchdog staff but also implemented technology that includes being able to check something as specific as the back door of a home from a computer at work or from any smart phone or tablet.
In addition to checking doors and watching your kids or family carefully come home, Comcast allows customers to actually arm doors from anywhere in the world.
Suddenly, those staffers at other rudimentary home security sit stoically as fewer phones for their services are ringing these days. So may cry foul and point to Comcast being owned by NBC and having much deeper pockets as a means to success.
That factors into it, for sure, but technology isn't only available in the world where Comcast does business. They invested in a product and service and allowed it to blossom into something simple, albeit spectacular.
If Comcast had a grandmother, they certainly would be beaming with pride.

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