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Derailed Diet: What you eat is just as important as how much you exercise

You truly are what you eat.
That cliched sentiment seems a bit modest and vague, but plenty of health conscious consumers and exercise buffs spend countless hours in the weight room or on the treadmill but simply can't manage to lose weight.
They're not alone.
A good portion of that exercise demographic struggle mightily to drop weight and contend they spend plenty of time at the gym.
But, what are they eating exactly?

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Nothing derails a diet quite like the presumption that as long as you exercise, you can eat whatever you want. Those in the category of wanting to lose weight should openly understand that the split between exercise and diet isn't quite a 50-50 battle.
Try 80-20, in favor of diet.
That makes your food choices even more paramount.
Fruits and vegetables is always a super place to start when it comes to making smart selections. The undeniable aspects of fruit tends to put those who eat it in a better mood and makes them feel fuller, longer. That eliminates the threat of binge eating and snacking on sweets.
Renowned dietitians, The Nutrition Twins, embody that sentiment, and their upcoming book "Veggie Cure" cuts right to the chase and delivers not only a plethora of practical recipes but pinpoint exactly which specific vegetables are related to weight loss, aiding certain ailments or kicking stress related behavior to the curb.
Even the most diligent dieter struggles from time to time, most of which can be pinpointed on food buying choices. Moms and dads need to put their proverbial foots down when it comes to snacking. Kids often aren't keen on veggies or fruits all the day and need a few decadent treats. Those treats tip the scales for parents; they're buying a few unhealthy snacks for the kids, and they slowly partake in them as well.
Finding snacks that truly resonate with kids as tasty and parents as healthy is quite the balancing act. Most self described "wholesome" snacks are muddled with additives and sugar. Parents often opt for the 100 calorie packs, none of which rank quite as high as Bare. This brand chimes in with packs that are under 100 calories; more importantly, the ingredients are all natural.
And yes, they're delicious.
From food to frustrating comes the segment of the population that struggles to lose weight, no matter what they do. A lot of those turn to a diet plan that focuses on combining food with your blood type. This practice has found plenty of positives and, for some, helped them shed weight quickly and minus the fear that they're in the midst of a "fad" or "crash" diet.
Fitness expert Mark Moon makes the most of this principle as he combines physical training, positive eating that centers on your blood type. Moon matches your blood type with a specific food chart to create the ideal weight loss atmosphere.
You're most likely to tip the scales in your favor if you take into consideration more than just sweating profusely at the gym. Eating ironically takes center stage as the main course in the often cantankerous, combative war waged between you and your weight.

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