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Little Dreamer: Sleeping better could be as simple as pajamas or playing music

Insomnia easily ranks as one of the more frustrating afflictions, simply because sleep is undoubtedly the backbone of your day to day existence.
Without a good night's sleep, your routine suffers immensely, whether you're having a hard time focusing at work or simply can't get motivated to play with the kids, cook dinner or participate in any kind of exercise program.
Nearly half of the country suffers with some type of sleep related ailment from snoring to sleep apnea, and a plethora of products, medications and supplements have been showered on the consumer promising a much need solution to a problem.
Turns out, the solution might be a lot safer and simpler than you originally thought.
Throughout the course of your day, you may be unknowingly sabotaging your sleep. One major mistake is taking a nap before you try to fall asleep at night. The idea of napping may sound perfectly fine but if you're having trouble sleeping then you're probably trying to take naps after work to "catch up" on lost sleep hours. But what is really happening is you're only sustaining a cycle of short burst of sleep (napping) in exchange for a lack of long term rest your body desperately needs.

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In addition, exercise helps with sleeping as does playing calming music before bed. That doesn't mean a heavy dose of heavy metal is in the cards but rather something that is relaxing. Eating improperly toward the latter part of the evening is a sure fire sleep killer, especially when you're ingesting foods high in carbohydrates and fat.
And, you have to lay off the caffeine, too. Not only will you have to get up throughout the night to use the bathroom but you'll have trouble falling asleep. The same could be said for spending time in the wee hours of the night working. Your brain is racing, and sleeping is surely a stretch at this point. Reading is a much better option for those knowledge starved sleepers.
From a product standpoint, most sleep suffers hope to shy away from medication and would much rather try a more natural approach. Some sleep deprived souls often are surprised to learn that they're constant tossing and turning might just be something as rudimentary as what they're wearing to bed. Being too cold or too hot while you're laying in bed could lead to some serious sleepless nights. Studies indicate that the optimum temperature for sleeping is around 65 degrees, dispelling the notion that heavy pajamas on colder nights is a dream combination.
Cool-jams are a nice option as far as nighttime clothing since they're tailor made and designed to keep your cool. They're temperature technology at its finest, as these pajamas are pure bliss made with micro fiber and absorption attributes to keep you cool throughout the night.
Who knew something as trivial as pajamas or even incorporating a better diet or music to sleep could prove to be so important? Rest assured, those who have trouble sleeping certainly know that now.

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