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Far Cry 3 A Far Cry From Traditional Action Games

Far Cry 3 features first-rate story telling for a video game that finds a group of stranded souls lost, captured by sea-fairing pirates that are hardly welcoming.
Then again, most pirates don't exactly have a penchant for positivity. These pirates take painstaking precautions when protecting their island and the result is gamers getting the chance to play hero in the face of adversity.
Graphics, game play highlight at lengthy list of positive characteristics for a game that is wildly popular and well-reviewed for its action and realistic, movie-theater like plotlines. The game is so well-received that the brains behind the brutality have little qualms about pushing for a fourth (fifth or sixth for that matter) installment.
Gamers get to control the lone person who manages to escape the captivity and wrath of those aforementioned ravenous pirates, a title character named Jason Brody (classic video game hero name, of course) who is searching out a series of desolate locations for his buddies, who didn't fare quite as well as him.
Brody and his boys made the mistake of taking a detour and opting for an impromptu sky-diving endeavor instead of staying on point. The party quickly turns to panic as everyone is captured and stored, before Brody breaks free but not without losing a few good men in the process.

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Unlike many games cut from the same cloth, Far Cry 3 is relatively simple in its nature. The title character completes one designated mission after another and those controlling the ultra-macho Brody unlock various items that help his journey along the way. Those items come in the form of weaponry mostly as one would assume for the shoot-em up joyride that is Far Cry 3.
Graphically, the game is second-to-none, which is to be expected from games geared toward the all-important 18-25 demographic. Far Cry 3 falls right into the wheelhouse of that particular age group. Far Cry 3 also isn't without its mature subject matter and content, which certainly shouldn't find its way into the hands of younger gamers around the ages of 10-15.
Beneath the wild game play and first-person shooter, Far Cry 3 is anything but a farce. Far Cry 3 actually feels like a story of brotherhood underscored with compassion for friends lost on thought-to-be uncharted territory. The subsequent spree of killing embarked on by Brody isn't one without purpose.
Brody is more vigilante than a villain, which doesn't excuse the violence but certainly serves as somewhat of an explanation as the carnage only compiles as the game goes on.

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