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Building The "force" From The Ground Up

Six movies, countless consumer products and talk of three new prequels, and the Star Wars brand show little signs of waning.
Thirty-six years after the first "Star Wars" movie and the force is stronger than ever. Part of the building blocks of the Star Wars franchise is a lineage of tantalizing toys, none quite as renowned as the LEGO Star Wars collection.
LEGO and Star Wars might be more formidable of a combination than Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo, and the pairing produced an incredible products that is a treat for fans of both iconic brands.
Most incarnations of the LEGO Star Wars collection boast interactive feels to them -- more so than just building a one-dimensional house or car. The famed X-Wing, as an example, includes tremendous detail and is as realistic as the actually toy itself.
Kids can not only construct the X-Wing using LEGOs but it sports working doors and hatches that only add to the allure of the toy. No Star Wars toy would be complete without the addition of a mini-Skywalker to help man the ship.

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Let's be perfectly frank, too. While this recommended age for the LEGO Star Wars collection is 8-14, a good portion of the consumers probably are the same demographic that enjoyed the original movies back in the late 1970s. That same group might give the reason for purchasing the LEGO Star Wars Collection as a "gift for their son" when in actuality fathers around the world revel in the toy -- easily available at Toys R' Us or any major retailer - just as much as their kids.
That's the true magnetism exuded by Star Wars. Much like the power of a Jedi, Star Wars reaches the masses and manipulates the marketplace as the pioneer of action, adventure, sci-fi and drama rolled into one incredible brand.
The LEGO Star Wars line is just another glaring example of that power.
One complaint of non-Star Wars enthusiasts is the brand's penchant for putting its name on virtually any product, thus "watering-down" the name value. That notion, ironically, holds little water with the general public and especially Star Wars faithful, who clamor for any and all things related to the George Lucas' creation. That goes for the upcoming Star Wars prequels set to be produced by Disney. LEGO does nothing to detract from the legacy of Star Wars but rather goes above and beyond to enhance it.
For now, kids and even those adults -- let's call them kids at heart -- can create their own live-action scenes thanks to LEGO. Of course, getting to the final product is half the fun.
LEGO leaves nothing to the imagination with a Star Wars creation that is incredibly life-like and realistic upon completion -- almost as if it came from a "galaxy far, far away."

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