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Gift Exchange: Make your holiday present for men something magnificent

If you've ever found yourself aimlessly walking through a shopping mall with little or no idea what to buy for your dad, brother, uncle, husband or partner you're not alone.
As the holidays draw near, buying for guys can be remarkably difficult if for no other reason than men really don't go above and beyond to drop hints as to what exactly they want. That fact puts up a serious holiday roadblock when it comes to your shopping excursion.
The other incredibly annoying part of purchasing for men is there lack of desire to actually receive a gift. Most men fall under the "low maintenance" category, and typically utter the all too familiar "I don't need anything" answer when asked what they'd like for the holidays.
Now, you're stuck. You don't have any specific ideas, and your shopping list is staring back at you with more work to be done.
At this point, you have two options: safe bets and superb twists on common gifts.

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For the fashionable man in your life, the one that isn't afraid to take risks when it comes to his attire, you're most likely thinking necktie. Sure, that might suffice in years past, but why not give him something in that vein but with a fantastic flare to it?
Beau Ties market themselves as a "new spin on an old classic," and turns the tie giving on its proverbial ear. You'll hardly be sticking your neck out when you hand your man a carefully wrapped bow tie that is hardly the norm. Beau Ties take the simple and turn it into sensational with a wide array of colors and designs. But don't let the name fool you too much, Beau Ties also carries an assortment of amazing neckties.
From ties to tunes, your guy might still be slopping around with those old, boring white headphones that came with your iPod or smart phone. They've certainly seen better days, and you know just how much he loves music.
Plus, you love his taste in music, too.
That sounds like a set of Boomphones beckoning to be bought. Boomphones not only support a super song quality, but they're also equipped to play music externally at the push of a button. Boomphones come in an array of colors but more importantly include four speakers: two inside for your listening pleasure and two outward ones to transform your headphones into the old school "boom box."
If Boomphones haven't already won you over, get ready to turn the volume up on this proclamation: they're also able to connect to your phone to take calls and are compatible with musical instruments like keyboards or guitars.
You're shopping list will sound even sweeter if you include some clothing to go along with the aforementioned accessories courtesy of Beau Ties. Men nod accordingly when they open a present and realize the box is filled with socks; truthfully, they're just being nice. Even the most modest and male version of a Plain Jane feels a little underwhelmed when they receive socks or clothing that belongs at the back of the closet.
Luckily, Vince Camuto doubles as not only a marvelous line of clothing for men but also as The Calvary. The Vince Camuto brand is brimming over with the aptly titled Vince Camuto Men's Collection, the VC Signature Vince Camuto, Two By Vince Camuto and Louise et Cie. You can't go wrong no matter which line you settle on, and men will finally feel a little more stylish and less fixated on their socks.
Taking a classic gift and giving it a little bit of a makeover does wonders for that previously paltry and somewhat lame shopping list for guys. Who knew thinking outside the box could make what's inside it so much better?

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