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Wwe Puts Headlock On Action Figure Market
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Wwe Puts Headlock On Action Figure Market

The recent shift from TV-14 to a more kid-oriented product opened up a larger demographic for World Wrestling Entertainment. It also did something equally as important: once again lined the shelves with WWE toys directed squarely at kids.
Not since the mid-1990s has WWE focused its programming and product line on a younger crowd. They've come full circle from the likes of The Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to featuring more child-friendly heroes such as John Cena, CM Punk and Rey Mysterio Jr. They've sprinkled in a few bigger names from the past including Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and Triple H.
No matter who's squaring off inside the ring, WWE is winning in the retail market. With such as plethora of products to choose from, customers have a bevy of decisions to make in terms of what to buy.
Easily WWE's best toy is the "Brawlin Buddies" line that includes all of the top superstars. These buddies are hardly simple stuffed animals; their incredibly life-like in design yet soft enough for kids to tumble around with them. These "buddies" have another incredible wrinkle: they wrestle and even stop to talk back. Each "Brawlin Buddy" comes complete with a signature catch phrase. Anyone who knows professional wrestling knows the television shows and flamboyant characters are driven by their interviews.
Nothing defines the link between toys and kids in terms of wrestling like great action figures. The 1980s brought giant action figures in the form of Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant; WWE is a pioneer in action figures that put the likes of G.I. Joe and Star Wars on notice that WWE is the champion of champions in terms of attention to detail and popularity in this toy category.

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WWE scores big with its newest action figure creations: WWE Slammers and the always popular Battle Pack. The former is a new concept of action figures. Wrestling are always engaging in headlocks and arm bars so WWE decided to create wrestlers that can be "clipped" together and turned loose. Kids' eyes light up as these rough and tumble twosomes trade blows.
The Battle Pack is a long-standing WWE toys and action figure tradition. Anyone watching WWE TV knows that "feuds" and on-air interactions and matches make the wrestling world what it is. WWE pairs wrestlers appropriately based on the "good guys" versus "bad guys" mentality. This clever marketing ensures that kids get the two action figures they want with one simple purchase. Parents, too, probably enjoy the "two-for-one" idea. WWE also puts action figures together if they're tag-team partners on television.
WWE is one of those unique brands that spawns a multitude of revenue streams, including television advertising, live event ticket sales and pay-per-view sales. But when a good portion of your audience is between the ages 8-14, toys play an even bigger role than the aforementioned categories.
WWE doesn't disappoint with a penchant for terrific toys and figures that truly define the term "action."

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