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Dance Like No One Is Watching - Literally
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Dance Like No One Is Watching - Literally

In the shadow of "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band," video games give even the most instrumentally and musically challenged customer a chance to shine on stage.
Even if that stage is your living room.
"Just Dance" is a highly developed, well-received video game that redefines the word "interactive" the same way the aforementioned games. The "Just Dance" franchise immediately experienced a whirlwind of success thanks to the reality TV show "So You Think You Can Dance" and due to the fact it is marketed as not only a fun dance game but also a way for an older demographic to exercise. "Just Dance 4" allows users to play the "Just Sweat Mode" and create their very own exercise routines backed by some sweet tunes. Naturally, a component of the exercise aspect of "Just Dance 4" includes your very own dance solo.
That advanced age crowd also can appreciate how "Just Dance" delivers more than just modern-day pop songs. Everything from "The Beatles" to "Blondie" is featured tracks on any of the "Just Dance" incarnations; there have been four sequels thus far.
"Just Dance" delivers from a sales perspective as not only a top-revenue producer for Ubisoft, the company that produces the game, but also one that spans across other brands. "Just Dance" partners with Disney. This perennial powerhouse pairing churned out a version of the game that includes songs from classic movies such as "The Little Mermaid" and "Jungle Book."

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The real draw of "Just Dance" is two-fold. The songs are current and not cheap knock-offs. Often times, the actual songs aren't used and, in their place, are similar-sounding tunes that simply don't translate. "Just Dance" pays for the real songs and that only adds to the lure of the game franchise.
The newest installment, "Just Dance 4," sports songs from pop icons such as Rihanna, Flo Rida and Justin Bieber. The game play itself is another reason "Just Dance" wins over its audience from an interactive video game standpoint.
Not everyone can make it to reality TV competitions so "Just Dance" fills the at-home superstar status void nicely. Game players showcase their dance moves and actually are judged as part of the game. "Just Dance" gives gamers the option of playing against a computer-driven opponent; the most fun, however, is when game play includes two friends turned dance foes.
"Just Dance" also appeals to those who enjoy dancing but simply aren't quite talented enough for the mainstream -- as in dancing in public. From the privacy of your own home, "Just Dance" keeps the critique at a minimum while you hone your skills.
"Just Dance" bucks traditional interactive games in that this one isn't pigeon-holed into one particular category. "Just Dance" is a terrific meld of sport, exercise, dance and competition into one amazingly competent game for the masses.

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