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Summer Sizzles With Tech Toys Geared Toward Beating The Heat
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Summer Sizzles With Tech Toys Geared Toward Beating The Heat

The sounds of summer are unmistakable, indescribably and a welcome change to winter snow and rainy spring days. With warmer temperatures, kids quickly migrate from cracking the books to hitting the streets in search of outdoor flavor.
Some of the more popular toys for a younger summertime demographic share commonality in a variety of ways. First and foremost, these toys all promote kids ditching the Sony Play Station 3 (or 4) in favor of absorbing the sunshine to its fullest.
A throwback activity for kids is writing on sidewalks with chalk. In 1990, a box of sidewalk chalk might have done the job. Today's sidewalk artist balks at the notion of physical chalk sticks in favor of Crayola's Motorized Sidewalk Chalk Paint Sprayer. Today's technologically savvy pre-teens won't have to soil their delicate hands with actual chalk; they'll simply preload chalk and spray as if they're painting the side of a house and not a simple sidewalk square.
Another popular summertime activity is blowing bubbles -- a timeless classic that usually is reserved for a younger crowd but still is enjoyed by kids -- and adults -- of all ages. Much like Crayola's Chalk Sprayer, blowing bubbles the old-fashioned way is passé. iPlay takes a page from the iPod and iPad and uses technology to its advantage with the iPlay Kids Bubble Machine. The days of dipping a skinny plastic stick in a jar filled with soap are gone in favor of simply pouring bubble mix into a fully functional machine with an "on" switch. Not far off from the bubble machine and chalk sprayer is the Super Soaker Aqua Shock water gun. Nothing beats the heat better than a long-ranged, high-powered water gun and no one does it better than the studs at Super Soaker, which puts the cheap, plastic dollar-store squirt guns to shame.
Another common theme, aside from the Super Soaker, is the bubble machine and sidewalk sprayer eliminate the "activity" aspect of playing outdoors. There's something to be said for kids getting a little dirty when using sidewalk chalk or having to actually take the time to dip and blow bubbles the old-fashioned way.

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That being said, those minor drawbacks are just that "minor." One glaring positive of all these toys is not only their unparalleled popularity but that they're designed for long-lasting fun -- as opposed to their original incarnations that get old rather quickly.
These summertime toys are nothing short of sensational and truly make the season especially hot for toy buying.

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