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Styles From 1960s And 1970s A Shoe-in At Nine West
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Styles From 1960s And 1970s A Shoe-in At Nine West

Ask women about what their favorite item to shop for is and the answer comes back the same each time: shoes. And when it comes to shoe shopping, nothing is off the table. Sandals, high-heels, flats and boots are just a sample of shoe types that keep customers salivating and closets full.
Under the bed, on the floor of the closet -- or closets -- and just about anywhere around the house, shoes are scattered throughout. Shoes don't get thrown out; they're part of an ever-changing cycle that watches them get flip-flopped like a baseball coach shuffling his lineup.
While the collection only gets added to, the styles change quickly. Perhaps "change" isn't the correct word as opposed to styles making a comeback. The latest shoe trend shows a propensity to revisit the 1960s and 1970s. The latter decade was filled with sequins and that design is back in full force at famed shoe-driven stores such as Nine West.
That store sports sequin sandals throughout its inventory, none quite as popular as the aptly titled "Sequin" collection that is part of the Nine West Vintage Collection. Another throwback style shoe courtesy of Nine West and other reputable shoe loving retailers comes courtesy of the 1970s, complete with fringes galore. Nine West chronicles its most popular shoes and collections called the "Maine," "Cerise" and "Station."
Those aforementioned styles might seem fleeting but Nine West has listed them as best sellers even at a higher-than-average price point. It doesn't hurt that these styles get free advertising courtesy of famous celebrities sporting them on the cover of People Magazine thus adding to their selling power and credibility as more than just flash-in-the-pan footwear.

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Nine West is perhaps the foremost expert on shoes and conveys a shopping experience second to none. They're positioned in the marketplace as a creative muse to the rest of their competitors and seemingly are always a step ahead of everyone. The propensity for taking risks as a top-notch shoe retailer is proven time and time again with styles that harkens back to a day when disco music was delectable and the Beatles were the toast of any town.
The key to shoes on any level -- and from any decade -- is style and what type of a statement a consumer truly wants to make. The styles from the 1960s and 1970s courtesy of Nine West certainly say a lot about who is wearing them but also wouldn't be nearly as sought after if they weren't created with passion and a penchant for quality.

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