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Nothing `soft` About The Top Antivirus Software Programs That Protect And Serve Your Pc
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Nothing `soft` About The Top Antivirus Software Programs That Protect And Serve Your Pc

Easily the most important aspect of owning a laptop or desktop PC is virus protection. Nothing elicits moans and groans from consumers like having to lug a computer to a "geek" squad or neighborhood computer fixer-upper after it goes from sleek savior to sluggish machine.
With a antivirus market that is incredible competitive and bloated, confused consumers likely feel as listless as their computer when trying to make an educated buying decision in terms of software.
Thankfully, the bigger brands that rule the antivirus world aren't ready to relinquish that spot just yet. Names like Norton, BitDefender and Kapersky stand square at the top of this list as leaders in their field when it comes to protection for your PC.
BitDefender Antivirus comes to bat first and seems relatively disinterested in bothering the customer who buys this particular product -- but in a good way. The most endearing aspect of BitDefender Antivirus is that it is fantastic at leaving you alone.
The software doesn't bother you with checking for viruses or making other scanning-related decisions. BitDefender Antivirus and its presumptuous ways are actually appreciated in this case. This feature is known aptly as the "AutoPilot." Like any good auto pilot feature, it doesn't whine or complain if the customer shuts it off and decides to take the reins.

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The software is incredibly easy to use, no matter what your level of experience is as far as running antivirus programs. You can manually run and totally micromanage the entire process or set it and forget it; just pick when you want it run and let it happen.
The only thing intimidating about BitDefender Antivirus is the box it comes in -- looks like a futuristic wolf ready to pounce.
Kapersky is on the heels of BitDefender as another incredible effective and multi-faceted software that doesn't discriminate: Kapersky Antivirus slams the door on viruses, spyware and Trojans. Kapersky not only can be set to scan at a moment's notice but the software is hard at work, 24-7, even while you're working on your computer. As you work and surf the web, Kapersky is constantly updating you on what, if anything, it finds.
Once it notifies you what's going on, it quickly exterminates the problem.
Norton Antivirus is more of the same in comparison to its competitors as easy-to-use, flawless antivirus software that caters to first-time users. They're also quick to point to its 24-7 online or via phone customer support and service, just in case something pops up that isn't familiar.
The good news is that all three antivirus software programs work magic to ward off even the peskiest PC viruses -- not to mention that they're reasonable priced between $29 and $59.
Much to the chagrin of online viruses and spyware and to the delight of customers any of the aforementioned virus protection companies has quite the penchant for snuffing out PC trouble, minus the bragging.

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