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Now or Never: Last minute gift shopping is part of buying culture

It wouldn't be the holiday season without a few last minute gifts, the ones that somehow managed to miss finding their way on your list.
Maybe you simply forgot about your husband's third cousin. How about a nice gesture for the school teacher of your son or daughter? And it probably wouldn't hurt to get your boss something, right?
OK, so maybe next year you can comb through that budding holiday shopping list and make some necessarily cuts to it, but that's 300 some days away.
What are you going to do about last minute gifts this year?
Thankfully, 'tis the season for forgiveness and ultimately your reclamation is on the horizon in the form of gifts that are simple, practical and won't cut into an already busy schedule of yours.

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Online would seem the easiest way to go, and most retailers that deal in web only sales assure customers that delivery before Christmas isn't a problem. But bouncing around from one website to another sounds more like a job for Santa Claus and his reindeer. What you need is an online shopping hub that centers on an array of items that suit the needs of a broad audience. "Waiting on Martha" fits that bill nicely with an eclectic mix of products for just about any man, woman or child on your shopping radar.
"Waiting on Martha" allows you to circumvent the idea of visiting multiple sites and instead offers plenty of gift giving ideas in one, centralized location.
Let's say you've forgotten a few people on your list, perhaps those that you don't necessarily see on a day to day basis but still want them to know you're thinking about them. Yiftee.com might come in handy in this regard, given that the online entity does the majority of the work for you. Yiftee.com allows you to send someone a gift via email or mobile device in any increment for anything from fine dining to a day at the spa.
Yiftee.com also comes in handy for business owners who may have a few five star customers in mind they'd like to thank but don't exactly have a monumental budget for giving gifts. Yiftee.com resonates as both a tangible gift that is equal parts convenience and thoughtfulness.
The flip side to sites like Yiftee.com and "Waiting on Martha" is an old school approach to giving a gift, one that is specific, tangible and can be handed over from you to a special someone, even if you almost forgot to get them something important.
Blacksocks.com takes an interesting approach to the tired art of giving the guy on your list something he probably doesn't want: socks. Opening up a gift and peering beyond the wrapping paper only to discover you've been given socks is a whole lot of disappointment, even if that item is something you can never have too many of at one time.
Blacksocks.com sells socks in various colors, but their trick is treating these once underwhelming presents and transforming them into a subscription service. Now, the person on your list can receive socks in a timely fashion, delivered right to their door.
From your door step to somewhere a little warmer this holiday season, giving the gift of travel certainly sounds like it would easily make up for forgetting someone on your list. The best route is to tailor the vacation or getaway to correlate with their interests. For example, music lovers might love a pair of tickets to an out of town show that allows them to travel and enjoy a particular artist or band.
Those who love golf but don't have the benefit of year round sunshine and warm temperatures are always looking to get away for 18 holes, and the "12 Days of PGA" at the PGA National Resort and Spa in southern Florida showcases the best of both worlds for the golfer on your list. Sunny days, coupled with entertainment, fine dining and activities for the entire family make the trip a tantalizing one and one that the recipient won't soon forget, even if you almost did.

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