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Pebble Rocks The World Of Electronics
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Pebble Rocks The World Of Electronics

For something called a "pebble," this watch sure has made quite the big splash.
From smart phones to smart watches, Pebble is a pensive, practical version of a futuristic watch that probably would send Doc Brown or Marty McFly into a Delorean tailspin -- and with good reason.
Pebble isn't just adept at telling time, nor should it be confused with any rudimentary time piece. In other words, "Pebble" is more like The Rock, rather than a small stone.
Pebble is a watch that integrates itself with your smart phone -- Apple and Android compatible - by connecting to one another via Bluetooth. Pebble developed an app that can be downloaded on your aforementioned device and thus your watch transforms from simple time-teller to fully functional text message board, social media dock and MP3 player.
The initial question regarding Pebble is one met with resistance: Why do I need a "Smart" watch when I already have an equally intelligent phone that does the same thing?

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The answer isn't quite as obvious but Pebble does have penchant for making life a little easier, when grabbing your phone isn't necessarily convenient. Plus, there's a large part of the population that likes having an entertaining and interactive phone but isn't interested in it being a duel threat in your pocket.
Pebble picks its spots well and marvelously markets itself as a lifesaver in specific situations. Say you're hands are full but an important message is waiting for you on your phone. Pebble buzzes on your wrist and the message appears effortless with a simple turn of the wrist. Those customers who have a penchant for exercising on a regular basis probably enjoy listening to music while doing so.
Now, instead of having to use your phone like an iPod, Pebble allows you to switch songs or increase the volume without ever touching your phone. Nothing is more annoying than lifting weights or running outdoors and having to stop and dig in your pocket or undo your armband just to adjust your music.
Those same runners -- and cyclists, too -- also can use Pebble to track your heart rate, distance, calories burned and speed. Yes, customers fall in love with Pebble, also known as a heart-rate monitor.
Did we mention that Pebble also acts as a golf caddy? It calculates distance from your ball to the tee. Suddenly, Pebble becomes the catalyst for you to get to another Pebble -- as in the famed Pebble Beach.
And yes, even those social media couch potatoes can have their cake and eat it too as Pebble portrays messages from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Your phone finally gets a break from "liking" a message or tweeting a friend or famous person.
Pebble watches incidentally come in an array of colors, styles and display options -- along with the being waterproof.
And yes, somewhere along the way the makers of Pebble managed to add another feature: telling time. Only time will tell the impact Pebble will have on the watch-slash-electronics market but thus far, it is quite telling.

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