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The rise of cell phones some years ago created a world of convenience and being able to reach out to anyone no matter where you were or what the situation was.
But what initially was designed for emergency circumstances or being able to touch base with a friend, family member or co-worker quickly morphed into phones that included apps, stopwatches, calculators and cameras.
Suddenly, the thought of actually making a call became an afterthought. Today's "smart" phones earn the moniker and then some as they can act as flashlights, small video gaming systems, a level or open up a wealth of social media networking such as Facebook, Twitter and Intragram in the form of applications downloaded directly to your phone.

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But perhaps the best innovation is the one that has directly put another electronic sector on notice and pushed it to the brink of non-existence.
Camera phones often outweigh the buying impulse of consumers to actually invest in both a phone and a digital camera. Naturally, professional photographers are the exception to the rule as they're still searching high and low, online and in actual physical retail stores, for absolutely the best cameras possible for big-time events such that typically require a professional shoot.
But that demographic isn't the norm. The majority of buyers typically favor keeping their cell phone in their holster for birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations and, to some degree, weddings and waiting for the perfect picture. The general public probably isn't interested in dropping $200 for a new smart phone only to turn around and make what they believe in a dumb move by buying another $200 digital camera.
The early years of cell phones didn't carry the "smart" tagline. Flip phones served a more rudimentary purpose -- making calls. The inclusion of a tip calculator seemed revolutionary not that long ago but that technology quickly became outdated.
The camera has been there since the start but has slowly transformed from basic to bombastic, with mega-pixels that rival any so-called "high-end" cameras.
Windows phones, surprisingly, rise to occasion as some of the better camera phones on the market. The Nokia Lumina 1020 sports a remarkable 41 megapixel camera and truly amazes with crystal-clear shots and pristine clarity -- a dream phone for customers who use their phones equally for talking and shooting pictures. The Nokia Lumina 1020 is all the rage thanks to not only amazing picture quality but huge amounts of storage space.
If you look closely, and once you take a few pictures, you may forget that the Nokia phone actually is just that -- a phone.
The Galaxy Note II isn't on par with the Nokia Lumina 1020 but the larger screen makes taking pictures incredibly easy, much the same way a modern-day digital camera does. Large displays make it simple to shoot exactly what you want and smart phones quickly caught up with the digital camera world.
A modicum of customers stands pat to the antiquated notion that a phone is just a phone and doesn't replace a camera. That logic, once sound, is quickly being exposed.

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