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Fly Me To The Moon
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Fly Me To The Moon


Putting together the perfect picture book years ago often took several steps and quickly transformed from a thoughtful gift-giving idea into a laborious endeavor.
And, the book never seemed to turn out exactly the way you want it. Take the pictures -- or round them up as you need them -- get them developed and then begin placing the hard copies in a photo book often devoid of any sentimentality other than the pictures themselves.
The arrival of software such as Shutterfly and My Publisher took a good idea and made it magical. Shutterfly recently acquired My Publisher and thus merged two terrific ideas into one company that is content on creating a customer experience second to none.

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Shutterfly is an online program that allows customers to piece together a complete book that captures the essence of a particular event such as a wedding or chronologically pay tribute to a person or couple for celebratory occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or graduations.
Nothing truly embodies poignancy, passion and posterity like the amazing books courtesy of Shutterfly. The most redeeming part of Shutterfly is the book itself is pieced together by the customer, who took the time and put in the effort to select just the right pictures for inclusion.
Furthermore, Shutterfly -- unlike older methods of putting together picture books -- allows customers to personalize the book and can include messages from creator to recipient or add a special, genuine quote that transcends the spoken word. The general perception is that customers prefer to use their own words but Shutterly isn't shy about helping with just the right sentiment or syntax.
In short, Shutterfly fancies itself as a tremendous storyteller and with good reason.
Creativity and cordiality create the perfect gift-giving experience. And, let's not forget about the notion of preserving pictures. Shutterfly quietly serves a purpose above and beyond creating the perfect book to recapture an equally magical moment. Perhaps kids want to celebrate their parents' 50th wedding anniversary and included in the photo lineup are older, black-and-white pictures that are seemingly being held together by a few photo fibers.
Once those photos are scanned, saved on a computer and added to the Shutterfly book you're creating, they're printed and stored in that very same book forever. Should the original, developed picture get damaged or fall apart, Shutterfly offers peace of mind that at least the image will never go away.
Shutterfly branches out above and beyond just a hard-copy book and also includes products such as personalized cases for tablets, ornaments with the grandkids on them or even beautiful photo cards that actually include pictures of people you know and not those random store-bought ones that feature no-name models.
One name surely not to be forgotten is Shutterfly, which embodies everything positive about giving a gift that is anything but devoid of heartfelt thought.

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