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Box It Up
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Box It Up

Free samples never sounded, smelled or looked as good as when they come from the renowned and relatively new Birch Box.
The concept behind Birch Box is simple, yet exceptional as a company that deals in samples, nominal fees and a marketing plan that is remarkable.
The birth of Birth Box captured the attention and hearts of women who love to shop but aren't quite ready to buy. Birch Box is a small $10 per month fee as part of essentially a "samples" club. You sign up with Birch Box, tell them a little about yourself and magically samples of an eclectic mix of products arrives at your door in a pristine pink box.
The ultimate goal of Birch Box is to give women a little taste of an item in the hopes that they'll buy the full version upon visiting the web site.
But Birch Box ultimately realized that they were only hitting half of the population and turned their attention to the other half -- men. Suddenly, that pink box at the door looks a little different, perhaps more a shade of blue.

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Birch Box, two years after their inception, featured "Birch Box Man" in 2012. Not only does Birch Box keep the samples coming but they also include a rewards program for customers who refer friends in the form of the aptly titled Birch Box Points.
Conventional wisdom could have derailed Birch Box from pursuing the opposite sex assuming men have little or no interest in products such as face cream, hair care or cologne.
That couldn't be further from the truth. Most men, whether they admit it or not, love a clean shave, perfect pores and a sweet smell that follows them around for the day.
More important, men love samples. The paltry $10 charge is hardly a deterrent, especially considering that the Birch Box goes above and beyond just smells and soft skin.
Birch Box isn't just solely dedicated to making men look better; they're also adept at great gadget and games for men who love to combine tinkering with trendy. Some of the more popular gifts courtesy of Birch Box include headphones, ear buds, various phone or tablet cases and laptop bags. They'll even throw in a pair of socks and underwear as an added bonus.
A bigger bonus is men finally having a try-before-you-buy, direct-to-door sample program courtesy of Birch Box Man. Men around the world who aren't afraid to admit to getting the occasional pedicure or facial rejoice knowing that the Birch Box bird has finally landed.

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