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Simple Substitution: Some of your favorite fatty foods can easily be replaced

Deprivation when it comes to dieting is a sure fire way to directly sabotage any chance you'll have of losing a few pounds this year.
Shaping and changing your body starts with a relatively clean diet, one that eliminates fat and sugar mainly and infuses plenty of fruits and vegetables, along with "good" carbohydrates and plenty of muscle building protein.
The problem most people run into is trying to take their old diet and completely overhaul it to the point that it is barely recognizable. This may seem like a prudent move in theory, but it simply doesn't translate into a practical means to lose weight.
If you've been chowing down on cheeseburgers and French fries for most of your adult life, and you expect to get buy on carrots, celery sticks and salad for the next 12 months, you're setting yourself up for failure before you even get started.
You may want to swap out those standard French fries with sweet potato fries and then eventually just a sweet potato. That cheeseburger could probably stay but only if you are using low fat cheese, a whole wheat bun and using ground sirloin with a preferable lean to fat ratio.

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Snacking could pose a problem as well for lovers of potato chips and other salty snacks as they make the shift from debauchery to dealing exclusively in healthier fare. The aforementioned rule of drastic changes versus more subtle ones applies in this instance as well.
Carrington Farms might be a good place to start in avenue, given their propensity for dealing directly in organic foods. They're quick to point out a few swaps that are simple when it comes to food and even the way it is prepared.
Carrington Farms covets its Extra Virgin Coconut Oil in place of Extra Virgin Olive Oil due to the former increasing weight loss. In addition to oil, Carrington Farms fights the urge to christen yogurt as the ultimate dieting food, although it has its benefits when prepared correctly. Straight yogurt works well, but the tendency from those struggling with eating habits is to doctor the dish with granola or other fatty add ins. Carrington opts for a better option: flax seeds.
If you simply have to have your potato chips and the thought of pretzels doesn't exactly infuse you with excitement from a snacking standpoint, you'd be wise to find baked chips or ones that are come with the kettle cooked or lightly salted moniker.
The most important aspect of any diet is to gradually make changes, rather than robustly run roughshod over your current eating regimen only to find yourself back at the same place you started in the first place.

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