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Skinny Jeans Reign Supreme As Preferrable Fashion Step
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Skinny Jeans Reign Supreme As Preferrable Fashion Step

The skinny on jeans shows a tremendous shift from a relaxed-fit formula and boot-cup openings to a tighter look with the return of the tapered leg.
Jeans are a funny aspect of men's fashion in that they're constructed with all body types in mind and feature several variations from flared to snuggly fit.
But today's jeans generally fall in the latter category as skinny is back in style and the looser, wider pants have been pushed to the sideline.
A younger demographic typically determines what's in and what's out and thus the emergence of skinny jeans has become the norm in the modern era but they're tailored mainly for a skinnier frame.
Despite being marketed and sold for a thinner build, the jeans themselves are deeply rooted in quality and durability. Those fashionable, skinny jeans come with not only an array of complements but also a hefty price tag -- if you're not looking in the right places.

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Two brands of jeans quickly come to the forefront as both affordable price and amazing in design. The GAP 1969 Collection created a "Dark Star" skinny jean that is long on style and short on cash. GAP closes the gap on a consumer base that likely can't afford the latest and greatest in terms of skinny jeans. The "Dark Star" model of jeans retails for just a few cents under $70, much more affordable than most brands that tip the scales at a few hundred dollars as the norm.
If $70 still is too much, don't fret: H&M Jeans makes a skinny jean that actually is half as much as its GAP competitor. That price certainly and surprisingly isn't indicative of resilience as the general consensus of H&M is rooted in positivity.
Other brands including DKNY and Levi also put customers who want to emulate the latest trends in an enviable position with a variety of jeans that stay in the two digit price range.
And speaking of Levi, they emerge in the jeans competition as a bit of savior for an older demographic that isn't quite prepared to pull off the skinny jeans look. Boot-cut pants and wide-leg jeans are seemingly being phased out in terms of what is fashion-conscious versus being old and outdated.
That said, Levi secures a demographic of older men who aren't interested in having jeans that hug their ankles and sit tightly through the posterior and thigh region. Now, not everyone who chooses to wear Levis is necessarily portly or out and out overweight, but rather simply prefer a looser fit in a world where tight is king.
The key to great jeans for men is feeling comfortable and most importantly dressing predicated on your age. Despite skinny jeans being all the rage, seeing a 50-year-old man in skin-tight pants would quickly transform that "rage" into outrage.

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