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Growing up and Out: Kids clothing cost plenty so why not get a return on that investment

Any parent will tell you that they shop cautiously for plenty of items for their kids, no matter what the age. But perhaps no product resonates frustration quite like clothes for children.
Why are moms and dad so flustered from buying shirts, tops, hats, shoes and bottoms for their little ones?
The biggest flaw isn't quality, durability, style or substance when it comes to buying but rather the financial hardship that permeates through the walls of your favorite mall or big box retailer. It's not secret that kids grow out of clothing quickly, and laying out lavish amounts of money for shoes that will last, if you're lucky, for a few months isn't exactly a positive budgeting move, even if you have the extra cash to spend.
Parents must consider more than just clothing when their piecing together their expenses. Everything from doctor visits to diapers makes an appearance on the expense sheet, so every dollar is deemed valuable when it comes to providing your children with everything they'll need.
A growing trend sees parents putting their old kids clothing to good use. Rather than boxing them up for their next child or simply stashing them in an attic or garage, parents are opting to get a return on their investment.

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Those boxed up kids' clothes is wasted money sitting on a shelf. Why not try to make money off your kids' clothes?
That question is no longer hearsay or silliness, thanks to the ability to shop, buy and, most importantly, buy online. The days of garage sales or blocks of streets getting together to hold a rummage sale are incredibly passe and have been replaced with snapping pictures and putting these old clothes up on the likes of eBay or CraigsList.
Some parents like the idea of having a more captive audience, which has given rise to web sites and online stores or consignment oriented shops that specialize solely in kids items and clothing. The likes of LollyDaisy.com and ThredUP.com, both of which carry a specific niche but ultimately deal directly with clothing and products for kids.
ThredUP.com works more like a traditional consignment store but with a bit of a twist: you pack up your stuff and send it to them. Once those clothes are sold, ThredUP.com sends you a percentage of what the clothes sold for, which varies but can reach 80% of the final sale.
At LollyDaisy.com essentially is the eBay for all things kid related. That includes not only clothes but toys, furniture and jewelry.
One thing both these sites provide is peace of mind on a variety of levels. Not only is the selling or shipping process totally secure, but the money is real. This allows parents to recuperate some of the money they've already spent and put it toward, what else: more clothes.

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