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Tag It And Bag It
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Tag It And Bag It

Old-fashioned bagged vacuum cleaners suck -- in a good way -- compared to their canister counterparts.

Think back to a time when your parents or grandparents hauled out a beast of a vacuum cleaner that had the face of a monster truck and sounded like a garbage disposal on steroids.
Fast-forwarded to the modern era and vacuum cleaners have quieted down substantially to the point that they're almost scenic in sound, the kind of music to your ears that you would hear during a massage session.
Perhaps the biggest powerhouse in the post-apocalyptic vacuum cleaner era is Dyson. They've managed to market flawlessly to a new generation of neat freaks with tremendous commercials and new-age designs that finally make vacuum cleaners chic -- at least as much as vacuum cleaners can be. You all remember the Dyson "Ball" design, which allows you to weave in and out of corners like an All-Pro running back on game day.

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But alas, there is a flag on the play.
One of the major advancements in vacuum cleaners was ditching the old-aged, bagging system for a canister. It's clean, neat and devoid of having to buy bags every time yours gets filled. Pop out the canister, dump into your kitchen garbage and repeat process until complete.
In this case, however, design doesn't trump practicality and effectiveness. Yes, Dyson is sleek and the benefits of weaving in and out of carpet traffic seem sensational on a topical level but bagging still beats them all.
Simply put, the bag is hardly begging for mercy. In fact, it may be making a comeback -- but nothing like the aforementioned Clydesdales from the mid-1950s. Kirby, Eureka, Hoover and Oreck specifically still sport an inventory of vacuum cleaners that include the bagging system.
Hoover showcases the Platinum Addition of its bagged vacuum cleaner, which is met with rave reviews from a test market that certainly can be described as serious sweeper connoisseurs.
Easily the biggest benefit, however, in comparison to bag vs. canister is the allergy factor. Not everyone sneezes, sniffles and wheezes at the simple sight of dust or fibers deep within a carpet but a good portion of the population is bothered by these hidden hazards.
Bag vacuums scoop up much more of the residue left behind from the modern-day canister. In fact, if you put your hand behind a canister vacuum cleaner while it is running, you can feel specks of dust and dirt being leaked.
Don't worry canister vacuum companies your secret is safe for now. Naturally, those same companies are hard at work, prodding, poking and trying to procure the perfect formula for the vacuum cleaner that includes the canister.
And to think, all this time, we had the answer to our vacuum dilemma already in the bag.

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