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Set The Date:online Dating Deals In Probability Not Perfection
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Set The Date:online Dating Deals In Probability Not Perfection

Finding the perfect match or an equally harmonious relationship is as easy as a "point" and "click."
At least that is what web sites like Match.com and EHarmony.com would have the majority of the love-starved population believe.
To the credit of those match-making sites, they're amazing revenue generators to the tune of millions to the creators of each one, respectively.
Online dating web sites have taken all the romance and serendipity out of love at first sight and instead injected statistical analysis into finding the right boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, bride or groom.
Suddenly, falling in love has turned into a business -- albeit a profitable one. But before someone can pop the question another quizzical notion abounds: Do these sites work?

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Of course, the hot topic in online dating or networking is those would-be "hotties" using fake photos and profile pictures instead of their own. The term "catfished" has become popularized in American culture and rhetoric thanks to the equally entertaining show on MTV of the same name and the high-profile lip-lock turned public relations headlock experienced by former Notre Dame (and now San Diego Chargers') linebacker Manti Te'o, when he supposedly knew nothing about his fake girlfriend during his college football career.
That said, Match.com and sites similar to it attempt to combat "catfish" pitfalls with a high-level of security within their sites.
Truthfully, online dating has easily usurped actually meeting someone face to face or the oh, so antiquated blind date. Thanks primarily to not only dating sites but also Facebook and other networking avenues, the notion of meeting people online is much easier and less taxing than one fix-up after another.
The numbers certainly support online dating as more than just a passing glance. Close to 30% of all dating occurs online, a number that has grown leaps and bounds for the better part of a decade and since the inception of social media and networking.
There's also a level of screening involved during those first lukewarm interactions, which can easily be done safely behind a computer as opposed to initially in person. A bad first date never truly has to come to fruition if customers of Match.com or EHarmony.com enroll, engage and, at their convenience, eliminate those they're not interested in relatively quickly during the meeting process.
Dating also isn't for everyone, especially if you're older or don't necessarily live in an area that is overflowing with singles or a hustling or bustling nightlife.
In the end, love no longer is blind but rather those in search of it can clearly see what they're getting -- for the most part -- thanks to dating sites that seem destined to be a long-term partner for the masses.

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