Heart Attack: Certain gifts raise the ire of women on Valentine's Day

02/02/14 by Vanessa Evans

When it comes to Valentine's Day, men have little room for error. Even the slightest misstep in the gift giving department could transform your romantic plans into a rough and rocky road for the days following February 14.

So what exactly shouldn't you buy for women on Valentine's Day? You'll probably be safe with the staples: flowers, jewelry, chocolates, a romantic dinner, stuffed animals or anything else that showcases just how sweet you can be on Valentine's Day.
Once men start veering away from the simple is when they find themselves in serious trouble. They might try to get too cute or overly confident in their buying decisions, and the result isn't exactly the one they were hoping to receive.
Here's are just a few gifts that men should steer clear of, unless of course they don't mind an impromptu dinner alone on Valentine's Day.

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1. Gym Memberships
This one might sound fantastic in theory but on paper that membership card sends all kinds of unwanted signals. Your wife, girlfriend or fiances could easily interpret this gift as you telling her she needs to lose weight. You'll probably plead your case accordingly, and tell her that she's been talking about wanting to join a gym for months. But guys, that isn't your decision to make and something as personal as weight loss shouldn't be your call, especially not on Valentine's Day.
2. Appliances
Nothing says "I Love You" quite like opening up a blender, juicer or vacuum cleaner on Valentine's Day. While your heart is in the right place as far as practicality goes, this isn't the holiday for being prudent. Women want something romantic, and making you a smoothie or cleaning your living room doesn't exactly set the most appealing mood.
3. Gift Certificates
Once again, men are at a crossroads. Your wife tells you how much she wants to go shopping or buy a new wardrobe, so you in turn provide her with a gift that clears a path to do so. You're giving yourself a high five, but she's hardly ready to celebrate this offering. A gift certificate translates into you not wanting to put the time and effort into getting her something that really means something special. A happy medium as far as this idea goes is perhaps surprising her with an impromptu dinner date, followed by you going with her to find those new clothes.
4. Gloves
It's cold outside, but nothing will compare to the chilly reception you'll get if you drop a pair of gloves on the table as your Valentine's Day gift of choice. This might be the most lackluster and boring gift you could possibly drum up for a holiday that is all about romance, love and adoring the person you're with; gloves is something she'd get from her mom or a sibling, but definitely not from you.

5. Sports tickets
If you're going to opt the route of tickets, make it an event that you both can enjoy, perhaps a concert or musicians that won't leave one of you overly disappointed. If your wife or girlfriend watches sports with you on a lazy Sunday afternoon, that doesn't necessarily mean that she either wants to go to a game or would allow tickets to a sporting event to suffice on Valentine's Day. That type of gift resonates more as a "got you this as a surprise" type present, but won't be much of a slam dunk for this holiday.
6. Absolutely nothing
Not much you can say about this gift, since it really isn't much of one to begin with. Forgetting special occasions might work if you've been married for 30 or 40 years, but the leash is much shorter if you're just married or are in a new relationship. Your goal with Valentine's Day as far as the gift goes is to make a good impression and prove to your significant other that you're heart is in the right place, not completely absent from this relationship.

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