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Don't Stop Believing: Gotomeeting Takes Business To Unparaleld Heights
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Don't Stop Believing: Gotomeeting Takes Business To Unparaleld Heights

Trying to describe in one word the impact of the business networking site GoToMeeting.com is nearly impossible. But, when pressed for that all-important, descriptive adjective, one word comes to fruition: convenience.
It may sound silly but watch the mid-1980s movie "Plaines, Trains and Automobiles" starring the late John Candy and the ageless Steve Martin and, about halfway through, realize that the entire plot would never have existed if GoToMeeting.com existed.
Martin's character works in advertising and he's stuck in New York at an annoying and impromptu meeting called by his scrooge-like boss and tries tirelessly to make it home in time for Thanksgiving Dinner in Chicago.
Candy plays the bumbling, traveling salesman that does everything possible to derail Martin -- even though his intent is to help him.
Notwithstanding the outstanding charisma and on-screen chemistry between Martin and Candy, the thought of forcing employees to take part in a meeting in a particular city on an unenviable day seems ludicrous in the year 2013.

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What isn't crazy is taking part in the features and services offered by GoToMeeting.com. In a word, Martin's "Plaines, Trains and Automobiles" character could have skipped his trip to New York and instead propped his feet up and took part in his would-be advertising meeting from the comfort of his favorite Chicago chair. GoToMeeting is video conferencing, networking software that allows meetings to be conducted in New York, while employees partake in said meeting from anywhere in the world.
GoToMeeting.com brings the business world and offices everywhere together, without essentially ever moving from a given spot. And GoToMeeting.com isn't just talking about a small powwow between a few employees but rather up to 25 total attendees at any given meeting.
And did we mention that the GoToMeeting.com conferencing is broadcast in high definition and can also be utilized through a smart phone or tablet?
As futuristic as all this sounds, it is business as usual at GoToMeeting.com. They're adept in delivering networking at an extremely high level and took the online business meeting concept and added two more services: training and webinars.
The training aspect allows businesses to hire and bring new employees up to speed in record time -- even if the business is located in California and the new employee is in Florida. This also is incredible important for businesses with more than one location -- perhaps a satellite store that is located within another state.
Webinars serve a tremendous purpose for up-start businesses or sales pitches for a particular product when meeting in person just isn't feasible. Not only does geography get in the way of delivering the goods on exactly what is trying to be sold but driving and flying from state to state gets tiresome -- and expensive. Now, salespersons around the globe get comfy at home or in the office and deliver a dynamic presentation.
GotoMeeting.com doesn't totally rest on its incredible technology and still offers a free 30-day trial for those not quite sure they're ready to buy.
The majority of those even remotely familiar with GoToMeeting.com don't need more than just a few seconds to realize the tremendous upside of the networking mainstay.

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