7 Heavenly Valentine's Day gifts that love being unique

02/14/14 by Krystin Olinski

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. If you're anything like me, I loathe this holiday. Not because, I am a lonely single gal. I have a boo, I just don't quite understand having to force your significant other to show affection, but I digress. I feel guilty if I don't partake because of my feminist agenda, so here are a few ideas to be unique this Valentine's Day. Trust me, he doesn't want a stuffed teddy bear.
1. Cooking Classes: They say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Heat things up by taking a couples cooking class with your beau. There is something sensual about food, so harness the sexiness, Betty Croker style. There are tons of options available at local restaurants and Publix (for those lucky enough to live in the Southeast) offering instruction for how to make sushi, pastas and even mixology classes. Eat your heart out.

2. Brewery tour: The only thing better than beer is imbibing beer with your babe. You will score major cool points for planning a brewery tour of some local ales. If you live in a city like Denver, Austin or Tampa with a thriving brewery scene, plan on a tour of breweries. You both could learn a lot and enjoy a variety of pints. Just make sure you don't drink and drive.

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3. Have a Staycation: Become a tourist in your hometown. Many times people live in a city for so long, they never think to do the local attractions. Museums, landmarks and other attractions are a great way to explore together and gain a new perspective. There's no place like home.
4. Gadgets: Every guy loves tech gadgets. If you man travels a lot, Beats by Dre can help him relax on the plane, even if the polar vortex is keeping him grounded. Has your man not missed the gym since high school? The Jawbone UP24 is a fitness band that tracks sleep, activity and even has a reminder to get up and move if you have been idle too long. It syncs through Bluetooth and keeps him on his toes.
1. 5. Boudoir photo shoot -- The sexiest thing a woman can wear is a smile. Make sure he knows that with tastefully done, yet suggestive photos starring you. Give him the photos on Valentine's Day morning and make him think about you all day long. Anticipation is key.
6. Sporting event or concert tickets: Experiences are presents that last a lifetime through memories. Continue to build the memories with s major league sporting event or tickets to his favorite musician. You might find a new pastime or a new favorite band along the way. Kiss Cam anyone?
7. Travel Bag: For all of his "manscaping" needs, travel bag or kit is a great way to increase the number of adult sleepovers. Having all of his favorite products close at hand makes it easier for him to grab and go. There are a bunch of different sizes, styles and fabrics available. You can even monogram, as long as that doesn't hearken him back to his mom writing his name on his underwear….

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