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Listen to your heart: Warding off heart disease starts with prevention

Is your heart as healthy as it could be?
As straightforward as that sounds, it actually resides as quite the conundrum when you look a little deeper into everything from what you're eating to an exercise regimen that might need a bit of a tweaking.
You probably think you're doing plenty to stave off heart disease, but it's hard not to question if you are doing enough.
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world, and roughly one million Americans suffer a heart attack each year. Those staggering sentiments still fall on the proverbial deaf ear to some degree, as obesity still is discussed heavily as an epidemic, and poor food choices and the consumption of fatty, fried foods seem to be the norm.
Add to that the use of tobacco products, smoking and increased amounts of stress people put on themselves these days, and you have the perfect recipe for heart disease, heart attacks or heart failure.

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February is National Heart Month, and awareness for heart disease is heightened during this time period more so than the other 11 months. Information regarding heart disease in conjunction with education appear to be the best defense against a disease.
But even with knowing everything there is to know about heart disease and soaking up as much research and statistics as possible, you still have to implement all that you know.
That seems to be the step that trips us up the most.
Diet and exercise run neck and neck as far as prevention goes, and that includes ditching all the bad eating habits and incorporating at least 30 minutes of exercise every day. You might want to try walking around the office during your lunch break or using the steps at work as much as you can. Another simple idea is finding a parking spot that isn't the closest one available.
Diet can be a little tougher, especially since eating right and time, or a lack thereof, go hand in hand. Most meals on the go are of the drive thru or fast food nature, and that dangerous pattern puts you at risk for heart disease without question.
You may want to consider planning meals ahead or ingesting as many fruits and vegetables as possible throughout the day. The latter may turn into quite the undertaking, given that 10 combined servings of fruits and vegetables sounds like a tall order for a short time period.
Juicing or extracting fruit and vegetables has grown in popularity thanks to the convenience of piling everything you need for one day into one, lone smoothie or shake. Omega Juicers and Blends reside as a renowned option in this regard for their durability and practicality.
Part of that juice concoction should include a variety of seeds, which are tremendously overlooked but highly potent in keeping your heart and its health in check. Carrington Farms leads the way in that regard with a myriad of options, including flax seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds. All of those are high in omega 3s fatty acid, which help lower cholesterol. Adding seeds to a protein shake or fruit smoothie is simple and remarkably effective.
Whether you're juicing, changing your diet or hitting the gym, the ultimate goal when it comes to keeping your heart healthy is rather simple: losing weight. Keeping your waistline in check is arguably the number one way to prevent heart disease, although that's easier said than done.
Quality weight loss programs are few and far between sadly, and the average consumer can't often tell if they're signing up for the real thing or being sold rhetoric over results. Any time you secure the services of a weight loss expert or diet plan connoisseur, it's paramount to ask questions or see if they'll provide you with others who have tried the program and succeeded.
And here's an easy way to tell if your soon to be weight loss program is rooted in reputability: Did a doctor recommend it or design it personally?
That could be the difference between success and failure when it comes to shedding pounds and the notion that heart disease isn't something you can either overcome or keep the debilitating disease at bay.
One program that resonates in its presentation and applicability is Ideal Protein, developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh MD, PhD. Quite simply, Ideal Protein focuses on just that: protein, in addition to limiting your fat intake and moderate amounts of carbohydrates so the body works harder to burn fat. What sounds relatively simple is actually the prototype of how you should be feeding your body, rather than gorging it on junk foods that only foster and promote heart disease.
Of course, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising and eating right play a major role in keeping your heart healthy. The final piece to the puzzle is paying close attention to how you feel and consistently monitoring your well being by visiting the doctor as prescribed.
Following that template to a tee will tell you all you need to know about just how healthy your heart is.

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