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Can You Hear Me... I'm Talking To You: Baby Monitors Are Bold, Beautiful And Put Parents At Amazing Ease.
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Can You Hear Me... I'm Talking To You: Baby Monitors Are Bold, Beautiful And Put Parents At Amazing Ease.

Parents, new and old, value the indescribable feeling of being able to monitor their baby no matter where they are within the house. But is hearing what's happening enough anymore?
Little did they know that the conventional baby monitor not only "monitored" but also worked as a motion detector and security camera within the same piece of equipment. Yes, technology is quite impressive but not all baby monitors are created equal, thus two specific ones stand out in a competitive field of contenders.
Now, not only are moms and dads listening closely to their newborns but also hear loud and clear that the buying any, old baby monitor could lead to a lot of crying -- and this time from the parents.
Wipe those tears away and seek out the Summer Infant BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor or the Angelcare Video Movement & Sound Monitor. Sure, these two products certainly stand as a mouthful but they're well worth the verbal inconvenience once you highlight the benefits of each.
Choosing between one is almost impossible as they're both adept at utilizing technology to its fullest when it comes to keeping a close eye on junior. Gone are the days of a walkie-talkie like device in the hands of mom or dad with a similar frequency powered unit inside the crib.

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The Summer Infant BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor, at first glance, looks like it was created behind the desk of an Apple executive. It eerily mirrors an Apple Mac computer with a huge monitor that allows parents to actually not only hear but also see exactly what's happening in the baby's room. It even includes features such as scanning and zooming in -- the kind of camera work that would make Steve Spielberg jealous.
Another incredible aspect of the BabyTouch Digital Video Monitor is the panning feature, which allows you to scan the room for anything that looks suspicious or for those parents who are sticklers for knowing exactly what is happening at a moment's notice. Simply put, this device is nothing short of being FBI-ready and approved -- only the only thing on the "most wanted" list is the product itself.
Equally pristine and prophetic is the Angelcare Video Movement & Sound Monitor. Those who created the name for this item certainly wanted to make sure the general public and parents alike knew exactly what they were getting upon buying it -- very much implementing truth in advertising without any known shortcomings.
The Angelcare Video Movement & Sound Monitor takes the same elements of its previously mentioned BabyTouch competitor and adds a specific movement-related pad for inside the crib. This sensor pad of sorts isn't placed under the baby but rather just under the mattress, which allows parents to literally monitor every single movement within the crib.
If that isn't enough, the Angelcare Video Movement & Sound Monitor features the ability to change exactly where the camera is pointed or even talk to the baby -- nothing says putting your baby to sleep with a little lullaby or some soft words from mom and dad.
Those "soft" words are saved exclusively for the baby. Parents simply can't hold in their excitement and enthusiasm for the new wave of baby monitors such as Angelcare and BabyTouch.

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