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Wine and dine: It's hard not to fall head over heels with Wine.com

Whether you consider yourself a wine connoisseur or sporadically dabble in a delightful glass for dinner, nothing compliments a meal or makes fine dining even more exquisite quite like the perfect bottle of wine.
Well, almost nothing.
Assuming that all wine is created equal might be the nuances of a novice, someone who might not be well versed in the art of selecting the perfect bottle or glass. The same sentiment could also apply not only what type of wine you buy, but where you're buying it.
This especially rings true for the demographic that isn't sure which wine should be paired with a particular meal or exactly how to go about bestowing a bottle of wine as a gift.
There's plenty to consider, namely where to buy or who to trust to ensure they're not only being pointed in the right direction, but also is getting a superior product.

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That type of expertise might be hard to come by in some instances, but thankfully Wine.com doesn't waiver in its pursuit of excellence in all facets of its business, from satisfaction to simply offering a assortment of wine that is nothing short of spectacular.
Wine.com came to fruition some 16 years ago under the name eVineyard.com, courtesy of Mike Osborn. He was a software guru and entrepreneur who simply adored wine. The eVineyard.com name changed in 2001 to Wine.com, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Wine.com never looked back en route to becoming the premier online wine store.
So why exactly is Wine.com wooing customers to their site on a consistent basis. It starts with an experience that truly transcends traditional buying.
"The Wine.com mission is to promote the wine lifestyle through innovation," said Gwendolyn Osborn, the Wine Education and Content Director of Wine.com. "We do that through selection, guidance, convenience and value that you can't find in the brick and mortar store."
After visiting Wine.com, it quickly becomes apparent that this site is hardly your neighborhood store, and touts a tempting array of wines that satiates just about any palate that peruses their selection.
"At any given time, we offer between 2,000 and 3,000 unique wines on the site, making the selection greater than what you'd find in stores," said Osborn.
Those staggering statistics, at first sight, might be too much for the average consumer or the aforementioned novice wine buyer to handle. Wine.com does an amazing job of balancing equal parts outstanding wines to choose from and educating the prospective buyer on what's best.
"We have search tools that allow you to search for wines based on grape variety, region, price, ratings, vintage and even alcohol level, so you can narrow down your selection to exactly what you want," Osborn said.
And if you're not exactly sure what you want, Wine.com wastes little time pointing you in the right direction.
"We have a recommendation service that can help you find a great wine that fits your palate and price point. And of course, the convenience is that you can shop for wine anytime, from work, at home, even on your commute from your mobile phone," Osborn explains. "The wine will be delivered to your door on the day you select. It's that easy."
Between convenience and all things tangible, Wine.com sets itself apart from the rest of the pack because it understands the consumer and caters to them, the prototype of a stellar business underscored with positivity and price point in mind
Take for instance the membership program offered by Wine.com.
Those who partake in Steward Ship, the loyalty program, receive free shipping on all types of orders, whether you're shipping to more than one address or if you're sending a gift to someone else. Because Wine.com sports a series of warehouses; most orders arrive within two days of when the order was placed. To sweeten the deal more so, Steward Ship members also receive recommendations tailored to them specifically and get first dibs at any specials on the horizon.
From the loyalty members to those who haven't tried Wine.com, you might assume that some would be customers still might be a bit leery of ordering something like wine through the internet, given the fragile nature of the purchase or not being able to see or touch exactly what they're getting.
Much like any business that pays attention to the finite details, Wine.com understands wholeheartedly the trepidation a first time visitor to the site might have and adheres to a simple mantra to curb any hesitation: customer service trumps all.
"You don't need to sign up to browse, to check out the site or browse the wine selection in the state you are shipping to," Osborn said. "You can create an account and get a free trial to the Steward Ship and one month access to the free standard shipping, and cancel if you decide not to join. You can still revisit the site again and use it any time in the future."
Incidentally, the future of Wine.com looks bright, and perusing the site and truly taking in everything the company and site itself has to offer is quite the refreshing take on customer interaction, support and a litany of luscious selections and inventory. It won't be hard for the consumer to stop, enjoy and drink in all Wine.com has to offer when it comes to everything from placing an order to being educated on any and all things wine related.
"We call it the Wine.com advantage," Osborn explains. "At Wine.com, we are in charge of your customer experience from start to finish. We control the fulfillment process so that you can control what wine you get and when you get it. We can ship your order faster, cheaper and safer."
And, most importantly, better than anyone else.

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