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Power To The People: Powerbag Easily Captures Hearts Of Consumers As A Must-have Travel Gadget.
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Power To The People: Powerbag Easily Captures Hearts Of Consumers As A Must-have Travel Gadget.

Thanks to cell phones and tablets, to a degree, being so technologically advanced, they often double as GPS navigation systems in addition to trusty phones.
But what happens when the travel-guidance goes blank? Perhaps you're in the midst of a long trip and your phone battery dies, leaving you traveling the Long Island Expressway without the "express" part.
The same could potentially apply for hikers, joggers and mountain climbers, who probably would like access to their phone in an emergency, but unfortunately find there is nothing left but a black screen.
Those desperately in need of a power boost at the most opportune time are finally in luck. Powerbag is a potent backpack that allows customers to charge up to four devices at one time. Those devices aren't limited to just phones; Powerbag is suited for tablets, GPS units and other phone accessories.
This concept is quickly becoming all the traveling rage and has Powerbag poised to be one of the most sought after and lucrative travel accessories across the country.

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The technology that powers Powerbag is simple: the bag itself is equipped with the ability to be charged and offers various ports to choose from: whether you have an Apple product or perhaps desperately need access to a USB connection.
Having seen similar products such as chargeable, wireless batteries for phones only produce average results makes consumers rightfully leery of Powerbag. That said, Powerbag has enough juice -- once fully charged -- to keep the average smart phone or tablet humming along for hours upon hours, much different than other products that claim to charge but quickly fizzle out.
Powerbag pulls together its design resources and actually delivers quite the array of stylish cases, messenger bags and backpacks. One potential drawback of such a versatile product is the quality and creative aspect of the business suffering, since the technology is so spot-on.
That isn't the case at Powerbag -- the carrying cases showcased could easily be confused for modern-day ones that a customer could find on the shelves of a Banana Republic, American Eagle or big-box clothing retailer that also offers accessories.
Even pricing is hardly a point of contention, with most bags coming in well under $200. That price point easily is overlooked given the necessity of the bag.
Pricing and perfectly crafted, trendy looking backpacks are a dime a dozen. Most stores make it a point to carefully cultivate a specific look for a particular season. Powerbag managed to take that same stylish appeal and add a much-need niche to it.
The days of desperately pressing mightily on the power button of your electronic device in the hopes it is going to magically power on are over. Thankfully, Powerbag exudes a flawless technology temperament and forgoes a product diluted in decadence and self-indulgency and instead opts for practicality.

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