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Change Is In The Air -- Do Parents Still Use Changing Tables Or Are They An Outdated, Expensive Baby Product That Can Easily Be Overlooked?
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Change Is In The Air -- Do Parents Still Use Changing Tables Or Are They An Outdated, Expensive Baby Product That Can Easily Be Overlooked?

Diapers -- Check.
Diaper Bag -- Check.
Bottles, Formula, Pacifier, Shirts, Socks, Crib -- Check, times six.
The list of baby-related products certainly has the ability to grow longer and the aforementioned items resides as only the tip of the proverbial parenting iceberg.
But, at the end of the day, are parents giving the notion of buying a changing table the "cold shoulder."

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Poll a list of 10 parents and you'd be surprised to find that about half probably still rely on a traditional changing table, while others simply find a portly piece of floor, countertop and begin swapping dirty diaper for clean -- obviously with hygiene in mind and a blanket and wipes close by of course.
So what is the right answer in terms of whether to buy or not to buy in terms of a changing table?
The truth lies within a lot of key factors: how much space do you have in your house? Is there room for one? Financially speaking, would you rather spend money on better strollers, cribs or clothes instead?
Those strapped or not necessarily needing a changing table to clutter an already tiny room probably would opt to ditch the table in lieu of the baby starting to walk only to bump into one table leg after another. Changing tables can range from 400 to thousands of dollars, although the latter price is quite the indulgence and probably doesn't register with the majority of the population as practical.
Easily the best information is to shop smart and use the changing table as a catalyst to find your inner-savvy. Here's some sound advice: find a stylish, designer changing table that perhaps doubles as a storage unit or a dresser. Most changing tables struggle in how they're constructed or simply look outdated. One of the more engaging and flawless -- one could argue chic -- changing tables comes from the Target brand in the form of the Lolly & Me Delaney. Despite a namesake that sounds tremendously upscale, the price doesn't follow suit. For $250 at Target.com, parents can purchase a sleek, sensational changing table that is equipped with plenty of space for baby on top (along with powder, creams and anything else that needs applied) and plenty of storage space and drawers for all the essentials.
Babies certainly are expected to spit-up, cry, drool and be fussy at a moment's notice. Parents don't need to do any of those things when it comes to furnishing the perfect nursery, specifically the changing table.
Check that: parents may shed a few tears -- of joy, when the shop, buy and enjoy absolutely the perfect changing table that aptly changes the game of baby furniture for the better.

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