Great Scott: Why we all love nostalgia

03/08/14 by Rennie Detore

Radio Shack unveiled their new series of enjoyable television ads at the Super Bowl, underscored with a common and familiar theme.
The 1980s.
These raucous, revered and irreverent set of commercials concocted scenarios that included tributes to professional wrestling, ALF and the "Friday the 13th" movie series.

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And guess what? It worked.
Radio Shack delivered one of the few Super Bowl ads that actually worked and resonated with viewers, and more importantly left the viewing audience buzzing over the retro, self deprecating scenario that poked fun at the company needing a terrible makeover.
The power of nostalgia and how it is implemented into popular culture of today seemingly never gets old, and Radio Shack rightfully picked up on it and perfectly tapped into this decade to rekindle viewers' fond memories of this time period.
And Radio Shack hardly is the only company with enough marketing savvy and wherewithal to know that nostalgia isn't just timeless, but also comes in handy creatively and when it comes to generating some cash.
Look no further than Hollywood resting on what's already been done previously with old television shows being transformed into movies or the dreaded "remake," whether you're talking about a completely overhauled "Total Recall" or the most recent "Robocop," which resurrected the super hero of sorts to an entirely new audience.
Say what you want about scripts, actors or the movies themselves but the fact that they saw the light of day proves that what's old can be new again rather quickly and, in turn, make anywhere from a modicum to a major profit based solely on nostalgia.
If you're still not convinced how powerful and potent harkening back to previous years can be, ask one of the more lucrative, successful and well known brands in the world: Nike.
They announced recently that the shoes worn by Michael J. Fox (Marty McFly) in the "Back to the Future" movies will soon come to fruition. That's right, Nike is promising in 2015 a set of McFly like sneakers that will lace up on their own, inspired by the movie series that grossed millions of dollars almost 30 years ago with the first installment.
What's next on the docket, a Hoverboard in every home across the country?
As laughable as that may sound, Radio Shack, movie producers and even Nike are just a few examples of entities that know just how palpable and poignant nostalgia can be. Everyone has an era that they hold near and dear to their heart, and when that specific time period returns to prominence, you can't help but conjure up content feelings that bring a smile to your face.
That's nostalgia working exactly as intended.

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