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Showering Gifts To Those You Love Is Easy But Not Choosing Between Flowers Or Fruit Proves More Daunting
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Showering Gifts To Those You Love Is Easy But Not Choosing Between Flowers Or Fruit Proves More Daunting

Has giving the gift of food become the new norm or do flowers still trump all in term of direct-to-door surprises?
That question certainly demands somewhat of a debate given that delivery services no longer are solely based on flowers. Such high-profile and renowned entities such as 1800-Flowers.com deliver the goods literally in terms of some sensational bouquets and arrangements for just about any occasion.
Timely deliver, remarkable quality and timely service absolutely define the makeup of 1800-Flowers.com and other comparable companies that have made careers -- and millions -- out of the gift-giving business, more specifically flowers.
But as much as flower arrangement companies have bloomed incredibly in recent years, the emergence of the edible arrangements make for a scintillating and stirring debate as to who really rules the roost in this particular industry.
Edible Arrangements easily is the most recognizable company that deals in delivering fresh fruit -- either with or without a scrumptious chocolate dip. Edible Arrangements doesn't show signs of waning, either. In fact, their success has not only created stiff competition with those in the floral business but also has allowed Edible Arrangements to take their fruit show on the road. They've begun to ship their aptly titled edible arrangements to grocery stores and super markets for mass consumption in the retail market via a healthy-looking -- and official -- Edible Arrangements cooler.

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Before crowing companies such as Edible Arrangements as the champion of gift-giving delivery and leaving flowers for dead, the consumer ultimately has to make the final call.
So, what's the verdict? In this case, you'll have a fairly contested draw.
Sure, it may seem like the easy way out but truthfully, outfits like Edible Arrangements and 1800-Flowers.com can share the marketplace and the idea of a "North vs. South" type rivalry certainly can be avoided. The type of occasion on the docket is likely what will make the decision between sending fruit or flowers.
Typically, anniversaries tend to lean toward flowers as the traditional and accepted gift. One could argue that chocolates are equally important when it comes to saying "I Love You," but more often than not, flowers win out in the end. Spouses seem content more so with a dozen roses as opposed to a dozen strawberries or a plethora of perfectly placed fruit.
Fruit finds its home with such celebratory events like a birthday, perhaps a long-standing employee retiring or a nice way to say "Thank You." Other than maybe a birthday for a wife or girlfriend, no one is expected you to give "Bob" in the office a bouquet of carnations as he calls it quits.
Let the special event dictate your buying decision and know that no matter whether you choose to send fruit or flowers, there are remarkably competent and creative companies at your beckon call and the idea of rotten results either way -- yes, even with the fruit -- seems highly unlikely.

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