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Buying The Perfect Anniversary Gift For Your Man Isn't As Difficult As You'd Think
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Buying The Perfect Anniversary Gift For Your Man Isn't As Difficult As You'd Think

Men have it easy -- at least that's what women seem to think.
Years and years ago, a list of anniversary gifts by year was created in the hopes that men perhaps wouldn't have to do much soul searching or tangible, in-store searching for the perfect gift. They had an itinerary of sorts -- a template to draw from so that there was little room for error. There's even two list to choose from: traditional and modern.
Yes, women, too, have access to this particular list but more often than not buying for men proves to be a bit more difficult. Men don't usually like flowers or fine china and the thought of handing him a clock or crystal seems somewhat antiquated.
That said, what constitutes the best or perfect gift for your husband -- at least the one who doesn't necessarily get fully engaged or excited over a fresh set of knives and forks?
Thankfully, this isn't 1960 and tradition, although respected, isn't necessarily gospel.

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Wives around the world need not worry as plenty of gifts get the job done in terms of melding thoughtful, sentimentality and practicality. Perhaps your hubby is a tech-savvy wizard -- or at least pretends to be one in the privacy of his own home -- and has been longing for the latest tablet on the market.
The idea of plopping down an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet seems super but why not take that up just a few notches by having a special message engraved into the back of it? Apple, specifically, encourages customers to have any of their products personally addressed to the one you love.
Husbands, too, aren't necessarily emotionless beings by any means. Yes, we love Charles Bronson and The Rock but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy a romantic word or two -- especially from our wives. A framed letter of love, an old card we gave you -- perhaps from a first date - or even something more personal than an iPad or iPod engraved (i.e. key chain, necklace or bracelets).
As far as jewelry, something simple like a plain silver typically resonates the best with men.
And if you're still content on adhering to a traditional gift for that one-year anniversary mark -- paper is the preferred gift of choice -- have fun with it. Paper doesn't necessarily have to be bland but rather bombastic in nature.
Why not secure something special like tickets to a big game or perhaps a concert that allows your husband to shed the suit in favor of a little past rock and roll glory? Reliving your youth goes a long way and could easily be considered a priceless gift.
Women don't have to make the gift-buying and subsequent giving process too difficult. Simplify the process, know what your husband really values and, if nothing else, make sure any gift comes directly from the heart.

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