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Changing The Game: The World Of Purchasing Insurance Has Changed For The Better Or Worst.
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Changing The Game: The World Of Purchasing Insurance Has Changed For The Better Or Worst.

A company called "Progressive" makes it a point to abide by its namesake.
Progressive is a multi-faceted insurance company -- one of many -- that combines car, home, life and renters insurance under one impressive umbrella.
They've also combined something else: progressive thinking and marvelous marketing that does wonders for making customers forget that they're actually in the business of buying insurance.
Progressive isn't the only player that swings for the fences on this one. State Farm, Geico and Safe Auto are just a few of the major players that have taken the world of insurance and turned it into an advertising circus of sorts. Whether you enjoy the commercials or comedic spokespersons depends on how influenced you are by snappy jingles and celebrities.
Safe Auto employs former "Saturday Night Live" alum Norm Macdonald, Progressive created the bizarre yet mesmerizing "Flo" character and State Farm apparently owns stock in the Green Bay Packers with spokespersons Aaron Rodgers and B.J. Raji -- the former does his trademark "title championship belt" pose, while the latter can't help but dance his way into the hearts of those who own a home or want their car insured. And, of course, there is Geico -- and their catchy tunes and commercials featuring TVs newest odd couple of Eddie Money and Dikembe Mutombo -- and, of course, the Gecko Lizard.

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So, when does the part about the car, home or life insurance premiums get a mention? They don't -- at least not specifically. And that's OK by us -- meaning the general public. You enjoy being entertained when it comes to the mundane. Buying car insurance isn't fun; State Farm, Progressive and Safe Auto try to make it as pleasurable as possible.
The commercials, in this instance, aren't made to masque a shortcoming within the industry of insurance but rather enhance the product and buying experience. State Farm, Progressive, Safe Auto and Geico -- among others -- all have their major selling points and those companies don't shy too far away from their core characteristics.
Geico and Safe Auto promise the least expensive car insurance without sacrificing quality or featuring substandard policies in the process.
State Farm and Progressive work diligently to combine various policies under a blanket "insurance" for multiple policy discounts that leave customers feeling all warm and cozy as a result. Progressive even did the unthinkable: it gave consumers the best rates for not only their insurance services but those of their competitors. Even if Progressive wasn't the lowest, they had no problem letting you know.
Buried beneath incredible creativity in media and amazing advertising are insurance companies rooted in comprehensive, competent policies that cater to a wide demographic and keep important aspects of price and coverage at the forefront.
But in the meantime, they're just having too much fun getting to the point of saying all that.

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Changing The Game: The World Of Purchasing Insurance Has Changed For The Better Or Worst.
Changing The Game: The World Of Purchasing Insurance Has Changed For The Better … Or Worst.
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