Top 5 jobs that actually will make you happy

03/26/14 by Vanessa Evans

Are you in love with your job? Do you wake up every morning feeling energized and primed to push through your eight hour day with a smile on your face?
Chances are, you can't really muster up that much enthusiasm when it comes to your place of employment or the actual job itself. Truthfully, your job is merely a means to earn money, live and pay your bills, and is devoid of traditional happiness, meaning that you leave for the day infused with equal parts enjoyment, fulfillment and eagerness to return the following day.
Not every job reeks of redundancy mixed with depression but rather sport similar, redeeming characteristics like creativity and freedom to work without restraints. The other overwhelming trait of a career or job that you have a hard time hating on is one that gives you a sense of satisfaction of a job well done in conjunction with helping people along the way.

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1. Teacher: No one can argue the point that teachers tackle a bevy of personalities throughout the course of their career and experience mounds of stress as part of their daily routine. But seeing their students finally reach the point where they understand a particular lesson or graduate with honors even if they struggled at one point or another is unbelievably gratifying and rewarding. Ask any teacher who's had a visit from a past student who has gone on to bigger and better things, and they'll use that example as the reason they get up every morning and go to work.
2. Hairdresser/Barber: Hairdressers and barbers are innately social and are just as savvy and sensational as a good salesperson. They're not necessarily selling anything but rather carefully crafting relationships to make their clients feels comfortable with the idle chatter and content with skillfully sending them home with an even better head of hair than they had when they arrived. Your hairdresser or barber also gets gratification with every makeover they muster up on a daily basis.
3. Fashion Designer: Passion needs to be the driving force behind choosing a job and watching your career flourish, and those who pursue fashion as their line of work undoubtedly love the idea of putting their proverbial ear to the ground and staying in tune with the latest and greatest trends. Fashion designers are given tremendous freedom to be creative and make their own rules, be their own boss and watch as their inspiration for the stylish and fashionable ideas they concoct come to fruition for rave reviews.
4. Contractor: The final scene of the movie "Office Space" lets you know that ditching your desk job in favor of savoring the crisp, clean outdoor air might give be the career revelation and respite you've been looking for in favor of budget meetings or managing a slew of employees. Plenty of traditional, career minded individuals have opted to bag the suit and tie and trading it in for work boots, hammer and nails. Contractors have the intelligence and aptitude to work with their hands, build a home and stand back, take a long, hard look at the house and realize just how remarkably special the final project appears.
5. Sales Rep: You love people and being around them, right? Working in sales at any level allows you to flex your communication muscles and likely talking to a different person every time you sit down to do business. This could be something along the lines of retail, door to door or an account representative for a larger scale company.

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