Ham burglar: Burger King steals some McDonald's thunder

03/30/14 by Rennie Detore

The burger war between Burger King and McDonald's has been waged for years, and ironically the company that isn't know for wearing the crown typically has their hand raised as victory.
McDonald's always has been considered the premier fast food chain, and Burger King has always been a few steps and ideas behind their fiercest rival.
Burger King couldn't match McDonald's in the breakfast world. Burger King repackaging their stores, adding new furniture and updated flare fell flat, and even marketing the actual, larger than life Burger King and its creepy "King" couldn't move the needle much in BK's favor.

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But the recent creation of Burger King's "Satisfries" seems to have garnered the type of positive attention that the restaurant chain has sought after in its chase to gain more market share from McDonald's.
Truthfully, McDonald's stranglehold on the top spot when it comes to fast food restaurants isn't ready to crumble just yet, but Burger King clearly wants to reestablish themselves as a major player once again.
The "Satisfries" certainly is a step in the right direction, and goes in a direction that often is overlooked by most fast food stops: healthy eating. The "Satisfries" are promoted as being 40% less fat than traditional fries and 30% less calories.
This change in philosophy for Burger King bodes well for them, given the overweight epidemic in the United States, mostly due to poor eating and diets that are debacles. The real eye opener is overweight kids, and Burger King would serve its renewed business plan and acumen well with its fries that are less in fat content and thus more appropriate of a choice for kids.
Even the most frantic and stressed parents will pay attention to French fries that are a healthier alternative for their kids. If moms and dads absolutely don't have time to make dinner and have to choose fast food, why not at least select an option that is trying to be healthier?
That's probably the logic Burger King is banking on to perhaps finally put McDonald's in its place. The iconic "Golden Arches" aren't exactly ready to throw in the towel, but they'll have to continue to think on their feet and continue to reinvent themselves with new menus items or at least paying attention to the hot topic of obesity. No one expects McDonald's to reinvent their business plan or change the landscape of hamburgers or what they do. At the very least, however, it wouldn't hurt to show that they're beyond consumer related complacency.
Otherwise, there's another "King" waiting to take McDonald's throne.

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