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Know Yourself--then Buy Your Printer
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Know Yourself--then Buy Your Printer

Let's say you haven't actually purchased an at-home printer for the better part of the past decade and decide today's the day to finally get back into the realm of printing, scanning, faxing or copying from home, instead of outsourcing your printing needs to such giants as FedEx Kinkos.
Here's a few home printer statistics that, if it's been a while since you bought one, you may want to know. They're all wireless; they've drastically dropped in price but certainly aren't short on remarkable feature.
Whether you're printing photos, simply working diligently on a report or call your home your office, the actual number of printers, brands and features is staggering.
So, how should you go about buying a printer? What features of a printer are most important? How about price?
The easiest way to get from point A (deciding to buy) and point B (actually choosing the right printer doesn't lie on the shelves of Best Buy, Target, Wal Mart or any computer store. It lies within you -- and exactly what features you're most apt to use.

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Most of the general population finds themselves somewhere in the middle in terms of printer usage and needing a plethora of features versus only wanting the basics. Printing world-class, high-quality color pictures is nice but what if you only do it sporadically? Furthermore, not everyone cares to have a fax machine as part of the ensemble that includes that along with printing, scanning and copying.
Those who work from home probably need the fax and scanning capabilities more so than others -- considering having to print, sign and scan or fax back documents. Certain software applies, too, but some still rely on faxing as a major source of communication, typically in the business world.
The Brother brand of printers rank as easily the most efficient and renowned in terms of machines that still include the faxing aspect. The aforementioned penchant for wanting to print color pictures ad nauseam likely will translate into a higher-priced model. There certainly is no shortage of incredible brand names to choose from, including the Brother, along with Canon and HP leading the pack.
A highly recommended, middle-of-the-row printer is the HP Photosmart 5520. Now, don't misinterpret the term "middle of the row" as meaning average or substandard. The HP Photosmart 5520 delivers incredible color prints, wireless capabilities for multiple machines and the staples of scanning and copying. The best part: it ranks in price wise around the $100 mark.
The HP Photosmart 5520 comprises a laundry list of printers that keep the retail cost low, but don't skimp on the remarkability and durability. And printers such as the HP Photosmart 5520 are just what consumer covets in their travels to find the right mix of price and practicality.
That is formula that is easily worth copying.

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