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Versatile Wilmington, North Carolina, Quietly Reels In Plenty Of Visitors.
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Versatile Wilmington, North Carolina, Quietly Reels In Plenty Of Visitors.

Lovers of beaches and those who make it a point to visit such spots as Myrtle Beach, Ocean City and pretty much anywhere in Florida ultimately may leave off a major player that belongs on any list: Wilmington, North Carolina.
Wilmington sits on the North Carolina coast and boasts one of the more tourist-friendly beaches: Wrightsville Beach. Naturally, Wrightsville Beach is filled with plenty of water-related activities and available hotels nearby but the real draw ultimately is the lack of drawing power.
Wrightsville is a perfect spot to relax. Of course, there is plenty to do but the spot in North Carolina isn't overrun with food stands, dirty, sandy beaches or, most importantly, crowds.
One could possibly call Wrightsville Beach American's best kept summertime secret. Crowding isn't much of an issue and the beach almost feels like a deserted island, one that you may have happened upon by accident but certainly are glad you did.
The white, sandy Wrightsville Beach is complemented nicely by crystal-clear water -- a welcomed change of pace for beach-goers who dabble almost exclusively in dark, murky water.

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And bonus, the Wrightsville Beach water actually is quite warm.
In addition to Wrightsville Beach, Wilmington is a friendly, quaint town that seems equal parts suburb and downtown. That delectable combination makes it quite the favorite for those looking for quiet streets to walk or shopping and historic festivals that draw rave reviews.
One of the more redeeming qualities of Wilmington might be its connection to movies and television. The city surprisingly ranks as the third-most profitable and prodigious movie studio location in the United States behind the renowned east-west coast champions New York and California, respectively.
Wilmington was home to such television hits as Dawson's Creek and the cult-like classic movies such as The Crow. The Crow transformed into a wildly popular movie both for its dark, ominous tone along with the untimely death of its star Brandon Lee, who was accidentally shot during the filming in 1993 in Wilmington.
Touring those studios, as a result, is both impressive and eerie in the same breath. Aside from the connection to Lee, the studios are quite remarkable and fans of television and film in general certainly will relish standing in the pseudo bedroom of Joey, Dawson or Pacey, if for no other reason than fan nostalgia.
Visitors to Wilmington, North Carolina, aren't acting by any means when they rave about aspects of the city. From food to festivities, combined with elegant beaches and a flare for entertainment, Wilmington willingly welcomes anyone interested in the sights and sounds of quite the eclectic and versatile city.

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