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Buying Organic Means Added Cost But Safer Foods
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Buying Organic Means Added Cost But Safer Foods

The trendy way to buy groceries has shifted from upscale grocery stores and supermarkets to aesthetically pleasing and well maintained organic food markets that are a clean combination of throwback general stores mixed with foods that appeal to the health conscious community.
The term "organic" is to food what the word "vintage" is to clothing, at least as far as how it is haphazardly to describe a particular genre within their respective categories. "Vintage" to some not in the know means "hip," "cool" or "classic" when truthfully most clothing that falls under that banner is simply old.
Those not quite sure what organic means often refer to all foods that are healthy as "organic," when actually the term focuses more so on the lack of pesticides in fruits and vegetables and animals such as cows and chickens are only fed organic feed and are devoid of hormones and not treated in any way with antibiotics.
Some of the aforementioned adjectives mentioned have found their way into major marketing such as "antibiotic free" chicken and "hormone free" beef. But while health-food junkies clamor over everything organic, the question remains: Does something being "organic" truly worth the added expense and extra time of opting to ditch the rudimentary grocery store in favor of an organic market?
The answer is quite cut-and-dry and wavers between both "yes" and "no," with the key component being education for the organic community and those who want to be part of that clientele. The biggest red flag is customers who believe that everything must be organic, when in actuality not all foods need to carry the "organic" tagline.

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Fruits such as apples and strawberries probably are best served as organic, given that even washing fruit doesn't totally eliminate the pesticides found on the skins. The same goes for a few select vegetables such as potatoes, celery and spinach. As far as bananas and pineapple, the "organic" phrase is a moot point as it also is for broccoli and corn.
Milk, chicken and beef also bode well under the organic manta, although trimming fat off meat and buying lean products goes a long way to ensuring a healthier option for those who don't want to spend the extra bread at the organic market. When in doubt, swimming with the fishes actually is good idea as most seafood is naturally organic.
Still, resistance to organic abounds and those in that particular category can try buying non-organic fruits and vegetables only in season or waiting until just before eating apples, grapes or strawberries to wash them, as opposed to washing right from grocery bag to countertop.
Ignoring the rise of popularity of organic foods isn't something major retailers are willing to try as Wal-Mart and Target grocery stores have started stocking shelves with plenty of organic options, although not the degree of a Whole Foods, whose primary inventory centers on the needs of the organic-minded population.
Say what you want about organic foods but those who triumphantly praise it don't mind spending the extra money and leave nothing but a good taste in their mouths as a result.

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