Top 5 worst reality TV shows ever

04/27/14 by Rennie Detore

Reality television is an acquired taste, especially if you've always found a flavor for traditional dramas or comedies.
For at least the past 10 years, reality television has been a staple on networks and cable to the point that this particular genre has transformed from groundbreaking to relatively watered down. The inception of reality television felt progressive, unique and an alternative to campy, formulaic programming with canned laughter.
Reality television was what it claimed to be: real. The better reality television offerings often featured no names and were devoid of star power but centered on a premise that was equal parts entertaining and intriguing. Think "American Idol" and "Real World" when you ponder reality television shows that changed the landscape.
But for every "Idol" or "Survivor," there were plenty of programs that tried really hard and bombed even harder. Narrowing down that list to just a few might be difficult given the plethora of poorly produced shows.
1.Keeping up with the Kardashians: Some may argue this show finding its way onto a "worst" list given its ratings performance for the E! Network. Anyone who has tried to watch this unbearable family on the small screen knows just how painstaking of a process this 30 minutes can be. Reality television often works when the stars aren't stars at all. The problem with the Kardashian clan in that they think they are celebrities and act accordingly, even though technically none of them have ever done anything to earn that status.

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2. America's Got Talent: This was a horrific hodgepodge of talented people and stage acts that bordered on sheer stupidity. Trying to comb the country for people who have some sort of skill sounds like a decent premise until you get a hour's worth of a show that features juggling karaoke singers or magicians that don't belong on television. And that's the real flaw of America's Got Talent: too many duds and not enough talent on display.
3. Toddlers in Tiaras: I'm not sure what's worse about this show, the fact that these poor children are thrust into modeling careers in lieu of actually enjoying being a kid or the moms that pathetically live vicariously through their offspring. Some of the outfits these kids wear are nothing short of disturbing thanks to being way too provocative and inappropriate. The fact that the moms on the show couldn't care less that their kids and their psyche are being compromised might actually be worse that the clothing choices for these children.
4. Mr. Personality: This one is just plain weird. I understand the premise of a woman wanting to choose a man based on his personality alone. But someone explain why these guys have to wear these ridiculous and creepy masks. I liked this show better when it was called the "Dating Game," minus the odd Phantom of the Opera feel Mr. Personality had to it.
5. Temptation Island: This show should be retitled "Let's Break Up This Perfectly Good Relationship." Seriously, what is the purpose of this show, other than to watch everything that is wrong with boyfriends and girlfriends. This show glorifies manipulation and resentment, not to mention the lowest common denominator of making sure everyone on the show is wearing as little as possible.

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